Pishachini 5th September 2022 Written Update — Rani fakes an illness

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Check the written update for the freshly released story of the agreeable telecast Pishachini reported on Monday, 5th September 2022. Rani fakes an illness is the subtitle of the revolutionary episode number E21.

Rani fakes an illness Pishachini 05 Sep Update

Rani would pretend to be sick in order to get out of completing the puja for Lord Krishna. Pavitra starts to have doubts about Rani’s performance, so she makes up her mind to blow the whistle on her. She stumbles uncovers a diary, and inside its pages, she discovers the solution to all of her issues. Will she use it against Rani?


Rocky takes Rani to do Lord Krishan’s puja at the beginning of the episode. To avoid conducting the pooja, Rani makes up a fainting spell. Rocky states that Rani has a fever as he feels her forehead. Suman invites Shikha to accompany them as Rocky takes Rani to her room.

Rani is raised in Rocky’s arms. He commands Pavitra to cross his route safely. Pavitra agrees. Rani grinned as she defeated Pavitra this time.

Pavitra seems disappointed. Shikha is online shopping as the family does the pooja. She is instructed to focus on the puja by Vidya. Suman requests that Sudha also carry out the pooja for Rani.

Rani becomes irritated with the crow in the space and uses her superhuman ability to kill it. Rani wonders whether Maddy was responsible for the disappearance of Vikash’s dead corpse. Maddy claims he couldn’t since Pavitra had arrived, but he managed to conceal it after that. Rani queries how Himani acquired it.

She requests that he make it vanish so that no one else can see it. Okay, Maddy nods. The aarti plate is being held by Rocky and Pavitra simultaneously. Taking his hand away from the aarti platter is Rocky.

Rocky and his family are being threatened by Pishachini, so Pavitra does the puja and asks God for protection. She prays to God for a sign that her misgivings about Rani are valid. The prasad that Rani created collapses. With proof that she was correct to have her doubts about Rani, Pavitra becomes motivated to bring her to justice.

Rani visits Rocky in the morning to speak with him. The latter inquires about her well-being. She is okay, according to Rani. She praises Rocky for taking care of her in a lovely conversation.

Rocky observes Pavitra gazing at them. He does it on purpose to enrage Pavitra by getting closer to Rani. Pavitra storms out in a furious manner. Sanchit is aware of this.

Rocky notices Pavitra’s departure. He attempts to depart after saying that he has to get ready for Dahi Handi. Rocky is stopped by Rani, who queries him about his response. Rocky affirms.

Rani is content. From there, Rocky departs. Shikha is asked by Vidya whether she spoke to Rocky. Shikha queries what.

Rocky loves Pavitra, according to Vidya, but he consents to marry Rani. She needs to discuss this with him. Shikha promises to speak with him. She begs Vidya to refrain from telling her what to do and when.

Shikha is behaving strangely, and Vidya wonders why. Trying to find a means to expose Pishachini in her grandfather’s notebooks, Pavitra tells Dadaji that it isn’t there. Dadaji displays the picture frame of Hanuman to Pavitra and begs her to have confidence in him. In front of Hanuman, Pavitra sets the journal and offers a prayer.

The diary’s pages turn quickly before stopping on an empty page. When Pavitra looks over the paper, she discovers a sheet below it with some notes scrawled on it. Rocky prepares for the Dahi Handi. He is curious about Pavitra.

Rani observes Pavitra enter the area while carrying Dadaji. She observes Pavitra concealing something. She is startled when she sees Pavitra holding a jug of holy water. In front of her, Rani dares Pavitra to flee from it.

Rocky is also climbing a human pyramid to break the deal. With holy water in hand, Pavitra is making her way toward Pishachini. She recalled reading the notes written by her grandfather to discredit Pishachini. She believes that in order to expose Pishachini, she should deceive and distract her.

Breaking the pot is Rocky. Rani is splashed with holy water, which causes her to change into Pishachini. Pishachini hears Pavitra tell her that she has finally been exposed. She claims that she was unaware of her before arriving in Chail, and after she learned about her, no one believed her.

She was going to fight her, and eventually that day arrived. She claims that she coerced her into taking on her true form.