Pishachini 8th September 2022 Written Update — Pavitra puts Rani on the spot

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Get to know the written update for the just-out story of the excellent TV drama Pishachini divulged on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Pavitra puts Rani on the spot is the moniker of the most recently published episode number E24.


Pishachini 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: E24
Title: Pavitra puts Rani on the spot
Summary Rani raises an objection just as Himani and her parents are getting ready to leave the home. Pavitra then puts Rani’s knowledge to the test by questioning how she should establish her connection with the family. Will Rani finally tell the truth this time?


Himani begins the episode by pleading with Pavitra and Dadaji to protect her from Rani. Rani travels there in search of Himani. When Pavitra sees Rani, she explains Rani retrieves Pavitra’s phone, which Himani left in the temple. Rani becomes worried when she sees Dadaji with them.

She worries whether he mentioned anything to Pavitra, but once she shuts his lips, she assumes he couldn’t have. She considers removing Pavitra from the area. Rani visits rocky’s room. She moves toward him.

Who is in his heart? She wonders. Rocky can still see Pavitra. Rani pushes into the bed rocky as she makes love to him.

She asks what he wants and responds that she can offer everything. She stretches her claws to attack him while talking to keep him preoccupied. Vidya and Sanchit reach there just on cue. From there, Ranu departs.

I may see Himan and her dad getting ready to depart the mansion by Rani. Their audacity baffles her to go despite her requests for them to remain. She asks what occurred when she arrives downstairs. According to Suman, her parents are adamant about moving out.

It’s improper, according to Sudha, for Himani to remain at her in-laws’ home. Her interaction with Dadaji and Himani is something Pavitra can recall. In order to get away from Rani, Dadaji told Himani to take her parents and leave the home. Rocky chastises his cousins for ruining his and Rani’s special time and demands to know why they didn’t enter the room after knocking.

Rocky’s promise to marry Rani while still loving Pavitra, according to Sanchit, is improper in the eyes of both Rani and Pavitra. Rocky denies this. In contrast to them, Sanchit claims he can lie to Shikha. It take aback vidya and Sanchit when Rocky denies speaking to Shikha.

Rocky moves on. They question why Shikha misled them. Himani’s parents are asked to remain behind by Rani. Shikha is also adamant.

Rani is correct, according to Himani. They agree to hang back. Dadaji advises them to convince Rani that she won so that she doesn’t have any doubts. Pavitra imagines a Facebook post in which Pavitra claims Rani would attempt to prevent Himani and her family from leaving. Pavitra informs Rani that despite her best efforts, she could not locate Rani’s social media accounts, only finding Himani’s.

She adds that there wasn’t even a single image of Rani and Himani together. She then displays Sudha’s family album and declares that Rani is not represented in this album either. She queries Rani as to why that is. Rocky arrives and stands up for Rani, telling her there ought to be a justification.

Rani claims that when they took those pictures, she was a student studying overseas. Asking after her college, Pavitra. Rocky mentions the Swiss Silver Queen College. According to Pavitra, despite her internet searches, she could not locate this institution in Switzerland.

Rani, according to Pavitra, is a fraud. She is a liar, she claims, according to Himani and her sister. Pavitra is told to halt by Rocky. In a Facebook video, Pavitra predicts that someone will attempt to stop her, but Himani assures her she will manage the situation.

Himani claims she can show them Rani’s picture, which is in one of their other albums. Suman asserts it is not required. Shikha supports her. Sanchit argues that Pavitra’s inquiries are reasonable.

If they doubt her, Rani inquires. She displays some emotion. Himani argues they should answer questions. Rocky says that he doesn’t have any doubt about Rani.

Sudha says that it’s better to answer questions before marriage. When they return, they promise to have evidence with them. Rani is forced to accept their decision to depart since she has no other choice. Himani’s parents, Rani and her go.

Rani threatens Himani as they go in the vehicle and queries if Pavitra had the plot to harm her. Himani remembers the FB post where Dadaji instructed Himani to keep driving and not respond to Rani’s inquiries so that she wouldn’t know where she was bringing her. Rocky challenges Pavitra over dragging Rani out of the home. Rani asks Rocky to wait a while so that the truth may be revealed.

Rocky queries what game she is engaged in. With her loved ones, says Pavitra, she doesn’t engage in any games. She claims to imply that this family is similar to her own. After that, she departs.

Rank, on the other hand, implores Himani to respond. Himani claims that she committed this act in memory of her brother, who Rani murdered. Himani is asked to turn the automobile by Rani. Himani declines and promises to come clean about not being her family once she gets there.

Where? asks Rani. Himani believes that Pavitra and Dadaji have told her to accompany Rani to the temple so that she can’t attack them there without telling Rani. Rani challenges Himani to halt the vehicle and inquires as to her destination. Rani is startled by what Himani says to the temple.