Pishachini 14th Sep Written Update — Attack by Rani on Pavitra

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Pavitra photographs Rani’s avatar. Rani attempts to stop her from showing the family picture. She throws plates at Pavitra. Rani becomes Pishachini. Pavitra tells Rocky not to marry Rani because she would destroy his life and his family’s. Dadaji searches the potli for a key to stop Rani and Rocky’s wedding. Pratik and Amrita help Pavitra dispose of Vikash’s corpse. Maddy is apprehensive about Rani’s response to the undercover behaviour. Nikitha is distraught when she finds their dead corpses.


Enjoy the written update for the sweet installment of the intriguing TV broadcast Pishachini provided on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Attack by Rani on Pavitra is the tag of the current episode number E27.


The first thing that happens in this episode is that Pavitra takes a photo of Rani’s actual avatar. Using her magical ability, Rani tries to dissuade Rani from revealing the photograph to the rest of the family. However, Rani’s magical abilities are ineffective when used against Pavitra. Rani makes an attempt to take the phone away from Pavitra as she is holding it. Pavitra inquires as to the reason Rani is supporting Rocky.

Rani is repelled by her pushback. Pishachini is what happens when Rani changes. She assaults Pavitra by hurling dishes at her. However, Pavitra doesn’t get wounded. Pavitra pushes Rani once again, and this time she smashes a glass over Rani’s head.

Pavitra is attacked by Rani, who hurls a dish in her direction. Pavitra walks away from the scene. When Rani touches Pavitra’s mark on her palm, she is instantly jolted and thrown off balance. She also loses her balance. As soon as they hear sounds, Rocky and the rest of the family run into the kitchen.

They are taken aback when they see the shambles that the kitchen has become as well as Rani sitting on the floor. Rani is helped to her feet by her family, and they all inquire as to what took transpired. Rani has been telling falsehoods about a bird coming into the kitchen. Pavitra said that it was a terrifying bird, so she decided to take a picture of it. Pavitra presents the family with the photographs.

In those photographs, the only thing that the family notices is that the kitchen is deserted, and they interrogate Pavitra about this. Pavitra examines the photographs and is surprised to see that Pishachini is not present in any of them. After everyone else has left, Rani tells Pavitra that she cannot be seen on the camera since she is invisible. She makes fun of Pavitra for the fact that she was vanquished once again by her. Pavitra then inquires as to the reason why she attempted to steal her phone from her.

Rani asserts that she will comprehend it in a very short amount of time. Suman and Sapna describe to Dadaji the festivities that took place at home in celebration of Rani and Arjun’s wedding. They are leaving. Dadaji looks through the potli that the priest has provided, in the hopes of discovering anything that will assist him prevent Rani and Rocky from being married. He comes upon a key.

Pavitra is attempting to persuade Rocky that Rani engaged in some kind of deception in order to avoid being discovered. Rocky does not believe her and suggests that she was the one who attacked Rani. Through a series of Facebook Live broadcasts, Rani incites Rocky to take action against Pavitra by claiming that Pavitra assaulted her. Pavitra refutes the claims made against her. But Rocky doesn’t believe her.

Pavitra tells Rocky that she would show him that she is correct, and she warns him not to marry Rani because else she will ruin his life and the lives of his family. When Pavitra tells Rocky that her heart tells her that he shouldn’t marry Rani, Rocky responds by saying that he won’t marry Rani. Pavitra claims that the only thing she can think about is achieving her objective and nothing else. She claims that she is unable to stray from the path she has set for herself. She explains that she is at a loss for words on how to help him comprehend this situation.

Rocky utters the words “I understand” before departing. Raani is ridiculed by Rani when she arrives there. She claims that she will make Pavitra a Pischaachini in the not-too-distant future. It is an insult to her intelligence for her to suggest that Pavitra should perform on her sangeet and become her sister after the deaths of her family members, including her brother who had drowned in the well. Dadaji is able to recall the words said by the priest.

Dadji is under the impression that Rani is connected in some way to the key that was discovered in the polti. He then proceeds to Rani’s room, only to discover the same thing there. In the meanwhile, Pavitra is scouring the area surrounding the well in search of Vika’s corpse. The lifeless corpse of Vikash may be seen resting on the limbs of the tree. Maddy is aware of this covert activity.

Maddy is terrified of Rani’s response since she neglected to get rid of Vikash’s dead corpse, and she is worried about how Rani would react when she finds out about it. Pavitra’s reaction when Pratik and Amrita arrive is one of astonishment. According to Prathik, Sudhakar was the one who phoned them. Amrita claims that they arrived at this location by accident. Pavitra claims that Pishachini is present, but no one, even Rocky, believes her account of events.

According to Prathik, they are aware of it, which is why they have travelled all the way here to assist her. They give Pavitra a bear embrace. In the meanwhile, Nikitha is devastated when she discovers Pavitra and Amrita’s lifeless corpses inside their home and sobs. At this point, Maddy observes Prathik and Amrita transforming into Pishaach and comments that there are now two more Pishaach.