Pishachini 15th Sep Written Update — Rani takes a picture of Dadaji

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Pratik and Amrita trick Pavitra into thinking that they are there to help her fight Pishachini. Pratik wants to know who the fourth person is who is aware of Rani’s secret. The duo then decide to inform Rani about Dadaji. Pavitra accidentally collides with one of the workers, causing him to spill a paint can. After apologising to her, he exits the room.


Let us explore the written update for the most recently released scene of the dreamy TV broadcast Pishachini ventilated on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Rani takes a picture of Dadaji is the designation of the newly published episode number E28.


At the beginning of the episode, Pratik and Amrita trick Pavitra into thinking that they are there to assist her in her battle against Pishachini. When Pratik brings up the subject of Pavitra leaving, Pavitra becomes sceptical. In the meanwhile, Sapna, Bulbul, and Sudhakar are working hard to prepare the home for the wedding by decorating it. They raise their voices to Shikha. The three are taken aback since the latter is preoccupied with her phone and walks away while ignoring them all.

During this conversation, Pratik explains to Pavitra that when he says she should go immediately, he means that no one other than the three of them should know the true cause for their visit. Not three, but four, according to Pavitra. Right at that moment, Nikita gave Pavitra a call. Pavitra is the one who gets the call. Both Pratik and Amrita have now assumed their Pishaach forms and are preparing to launch an assault on Pavitra.

Because of the poor network, the latter cannot adequately understand what Nikita is saying to them. Pratik wants to know who the fourth person is who is aware of Rani’s secret. In the meanwhile, Dadaji searches Rani’s chamber but is unable to locate anything that might be associated with the key. He is perplexed as to why the priest would leave it in that potli. Pavitra identifies Dadaji as the fourth person in this paragraph.

She goes on to say that Rani used her magical abilities to immobilise Dadaji, but that he eventually recovered. She is only aware of the reality in order to keep Rani from becoming aware of it. Amrita believes that it is for the best that she informed her. She requests that Pavitra depart, stating that they will return at a later time. Pavitra leaves.

Pratik and Amrita decide to inform Rani about Dadaji. Rani is pleased at the prospect of being married to Rocky in the near future and transforming the Rajputs into pishaach. She then chuckles as she announces that after that, she would be known as Maga-Pishachini. Pishachini is surrounded by a thick cloud of black smoke that Pratik has produced. The latter seems to be irritated.

When she saw Dadaji in her room, she immediately assumed that he was conspiring against her. Dadaji experiences fear and flees the area as a result. Pishachini seems to be happy. Pavitra accidentally collides with one of the workers, causing him to spill a paint can. The paint gets onto the ground and spreads out.

After apologising to her, he exits the room. Pavitra becomes tearful as she remembers Rocky picking her up and carrying her in his arms so that the muck and water would not reach her feet. At that very moment, Rocky arrives. Pavitra is carried aloft in his arms by him. He walks over the paint and places her on the ground.

He walks away without saying anything to her before he goes. Pavitra observes the scene while experiencing various feelings. By accelerating quickly in his wheelchair, Dadaji is attempting to get away from Pishachini, who is chasing him. Rocky is preoccupied with what Pavitra is thinking about. There, Sanchit and Vidya may be found.

Sanchit inquires of Rocky about the hue with which the wedding mandap need to be decked. Pavitra loves the colour blue, so Rocky tells it. Blue is her favourite colour. When he comes to the realisation of what he has just said, he tells Sanchit that he would inform him when he has asked Rani. Rocky overhears Sanchit telling another person that he is available for him if he wants to open his heart.

Vidya just so happens to look up at the right moment and see Dadaji whizzing by on his wheelchair. She departs in search of Dadaji. Vidya is the target of Rocky’s pursuit. The pillar that Dadaji’s wheelchair was striking has been avoided. The key lands on the ground after falling.

There is a sighting of Rani there. She indicates that she is aware that he has recovered from his illness. It is from there that Dadaji departs. Rani suddenly materialises in front of him and challenges him to reveal the contents of his concealed hand. Dadaji refuses.

By using her magical abilities, Rani manages to place Dadaji inside of his picture frame. She can sense footsteps approaching. She lays down on the bed and wraps the blanket over herself to be warm. Rocky and Vidya have arrived at their destination. They depart because they believe Dadaji is asleep.

Pishachini is curious as to what Dadaji may have been concealing in his palm. In the meanwhile, Vidya discovers the key and begins to speculate about its previous owner. The anticipation of the family’s first meeting with Pratik and Amrita is palpable. They are pleased to have them into the home. Through a motion, Pratik explains to Amrita which button controls the primary switch.

While everything is going on, Nikita calls Pavitra and tells her that Pratik and Amrita are no longer with us. Pavitra is stunned to learn this, and her thoughts immediately turn to what her grandpa used to say. As soon as Pratik and Amrita enter the residence, the lights immediately turn off. When Pavitra sees Pratik and Amrita entering the home dressed as Pishach, she is completely taken aback. The lights begin to turn back on.

Rani makes fun of Pavitra and reminds her of her pledge to convert the whole Rajput family into Pishaach. Pavitra takes offence to this. According to her, she began with Pratik and Amrita, and the one who comes up next is Rocky. Pavitra asserts that she will not allow her opponent to prevail. Rani explains that there is nothing she can do at this time and adds that she is the only one working against her in this matter.