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Let’s enjoy the written update for the original sequence of darling TV program Pishachini delivered on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pishachini follows Pavitra is the designation of the popular episode number E3.


Pishachini, taken with Pavitra’s allure, pursues her but swiftly withdraws when she realizes the former’s piety. Pishachini later intimidates Pratik in order to acquire his devotion. Will Pratik give up his family to satisfy his greed?


Pavitra pushes open the door. Pishachini is exhausted. Pratik reminisces about his brothers. People, according to Sudhakar, do not change. You’re not the same person you were 20 years ago for us.

You’ve accomplished a lot. He claims I have also suffered significant losses. I’m not sure if what we did was correct or not. Sudhakar’s wife suggests that we commemorate this occasion. Nikita tells Amrita that he is the finest.

Pavitra claims you never even showed me his photo. Nikita says, “I’ll show you. Nikita claims that I am sick of these routines. We won’t even be able to meet before the meeting, but you will be able to meet him. She gives Nikhil a friendly wave.

Pavitra notices Rocky after Nikhil has left. What does she say to him? Nikita agrees. Isn’t he hot? Pavitra is perplexed.

But, she adds, Nikita suggests you relax. I’ll show you around your room. Pavitra wonders how she fell for this cheap flirt. Pishachini enters and searches for Pavitra. Pavitra notices her parents’ photograph.

She says she misses everyone. When a dog sees Pishachini, he becomes terrified. Babu ji notices the dor. He notices Pishachini’s return. Pishachini, he says.

She walks out of Pavitra’s room. Pisachini notices an idol there. She goes out because she is tired. She is unable to touch Pavitra. According to Pavitra, I had the impression that someone was present.

She takes a peek around. There is no one present. Pishachini’s bangle is heard by her. Pavitra is drawn to the voice. She becomes aware of a mantra.

When Pavitra turns around, no one is there. Pishachini takes refuge on the roof. Nikita calls Pavitra and requests that she come downstairs. Babu ji insists that we return. Sudhakar inquires as to what transpired.

He claims that Pishachini has arrived. I noticed she was there. I noticed her shadow. The dog became terrified. Babi says, “Oh God, we should all run.

” Sudhakar suggests that it may be your fear. He claims that there is no temple at this home. There is no photograph or Ram. He deceived us. She could be here.

Pratik claims that we should not have listened to her. We are fooling our loved ones. That was a mistake on my part. Amrita claims that we have no other choice. You’ve seen what she’s capable of.

He adds, “I’ll go outside and notify Dad and Sudhakar. She’ll have no idea. Pishachini arrives. She claims that nothing can be kept from me. She chuckles.

Pavitra emerges from a room. Inside, she notices Rocky. He’s making a move on a woman. I bought you orange juice, said the girl. He claims that we have similar thoughts.

Pavitra describes him as a flirt. Nikita is marrying him in what way? According to Pishachini, you thought you could trick me. Pratik compelled me to wear these earrings. She claims you slipped once more.

I went above and above for you. Can’t you do it for me? You know what I’m capable of? I’m terribly depressed. You’ve learned nothing in 20 years.

She claims you caused her anguish. She says, “Your daughter,” and I can give her a unique present for the wedding. Do you want to come and see? They are terrified. She remarks, “See how pleased your daughter is. ” What if I give her another chance? She wrapped her arms around her neck. Pishachini claims that the necklace has the ability to choke her at any time. Nikita collapses. She is feeling smothered.

They yell. Pishachini claims it has the ability to kill her in a split second. Amrita requests that it be stopped. We will follow your instructions. Pratik promises that we will not inform anybody.

Pishachini allows her to go. Nikita is terrified of what has happened to her. “See how polite I am,” says Pishachini. Pishachini warns you to act quickly or risk losing your daughter. They agree.

Pavitra takes a stroll. Pishachini gives her a glance. She asks, “Who is she? ” Pishachini discovers Nikita’s bedroom. Pavitra describes him as a flirt.

Nikita claims that he will never cheat on me. He solely cares about me. Pavitra replies, “I know you’re wounded, but I witnessed him flirting with you. ” I’ll look for evidence and show it to you. Rocky spends time with his sisters.

Sachin thinks this place is fantastic. Rocky claims Pratik Chacha has gained a lot of money. Shikha asks, “What are you attempting to say? ” What if Sachin truly selected the wrong path? Rocky replies, “Who cares about the path when the destination is this lovely? ” I’m curious about who named her Pishachini. She should be known as the Queen of Money. “Shut up,” Sachin says. Rocky claims that everything is so luxurious here. Rocky claims that there is one female from London present.

But she’s a jerk. Shikha exclaims, “Wow. ” Rocky claims there is another. Shika asks, “Who? ” He claims he has no idea what her name is.

Pishachini is following them. Rocky believes it is Pishachini. “Shut up,” Sachin says. He claims to have seen her laughing here. I was unable to meet her.

Sachin claims she slipped through your fingers. Sachin claims you’ll meet a witch. He claims she will make me wealthy. Pishachini reaches out to touch him.