Pishachini 20th Sep Written Update β€” Pavitra finds a clue

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Vidya becomes suspicious when she sees Rani getting along well with Pratik and Amrita. She discusses her concerns with her husband, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to her. Rocky and his family were standing there in disbelief.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the today’s sequence of the likable television broadcast Pishachini reported on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Pavitra finds a clue is the pseudonym of the newly published episode number E31.


The first thing that occurs in the episode is Rocky consuming the juice that Rani had spelt out. After consuming it, Rani believes that Rocky will completely lose all memory of Pavitra. Vidya arrives to talk to Rocky, and in the process, she causes the juice glass to accidentally break. It seems like the liquid has soiled her clothes. Rocky accepts her apology, and she then heads off to clean her garments.

Rani is under the impression that her spell’s impact is only partially successful. Despite this, Rocky becomes subject to Rani’s charm, and as a result, he forgets everything about Pavitra. Rani is delighted by this development, but she can’t help but worry how long the influence of her spell will continue to have on Arjun. Because Bubly has known Pratik and Amrita for a long time, she becomes suspicious when she sees Rani getting along well with them. She discusses her concerns with her husband, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to what she has to say.

Pavitra, on the other hand, is appealing to God for assistance as she searches for a method to rescue the Rajputs from Pishachini’s clutches. While all this is going on, we see Rocky dancing. He comes to a halt when there is an unexpected gust of wind. According to him, Rocky and Rani’s storm will not be stopped by this wind. Pavitra offers a prayer to God, asking him to illuminate the path before her.

The winds cause the pages of Pavitra’s grandfather’s journal to turn over. The journal is lost when it slides off the table. There, Rocky and Rani are getting their groove on. This is when the journal starts to burn. Pavitra is aware of this fact.

Hanuman is transformed into the flames by the fire. Pavitra folds her hands. After that, the fire transforms into a key shape. The diary is no longer to be found. After that, Pavitra discovers the journal in front of God’s picture frame.

Pavitra is aware that in order to put an end to Rani’s plans, she must locate the key. She will now go and look for it. When Pavitra approaches Vidya’s room, the sign that she has tattooed on her hand begins to glow brightly. Pavitra is curious as to whether or not this chamber has the key. She then proceeds to enter the room.

The sign that Pavitra has tattooed on her palm serves as a magnet, and as soon as she opens the door to the chamber, it draws the key closer to her hand. Pavitra walks away after grabbing the key and leaving the location. Pavitra arrives there with the key as Rocky and Rani are enjoying themselves dancing. She is curious about how to use the key. The key abruptly morphs into a knife at that same moment.

Pavitra approaches Rani while holding the knife in her hand. She thinks back to Rani’s remarks as well as all that has happened in recent times. Pavitra has now arrived close to Rani. She stabs Rani. Rocky and his family were standing there in disbelief.

Rani faints. Rocky inquires as to what Pavitra has been up to. He claims that she caused Rani to sustain an injury. Throughout their conversation, Pavitra identifies Rani as a Pishachini. She claims that she purchased the knife in order to put a stop to Pishachini.

According to Rocky, it was Pavitra, not Pishachini, who murdered Rani. Pavitra asserts that it is impossible for Rani to pass away since she was never a living being. She claims that it is only a dark shadow that will disintegrate in front of them, and that just before that happens, she will transform into her Pishachini form. Pavitra continues by stating that if Rani is a human creature, blood ought to ooze out of her body. At that same moment, Rocky, Pavitra, and the rest of the family see that Rani has blood gushing from her body.

Rocky requests that an ambulance be called. He transports Rani from that location. Pavitra puts down the knife she was holding and falls to her knees, sobbing. Rani is taken to the hospital in a hurry by Rocky. Pavitra is confronted by Rani, who, together with Dadadaji, Pratik, and Armita, makes a snide remark about the fact that she vanquishes Pavitra.

Pavitra inquires as to whether or not Rani, who was previously located in the ambulance, is present. Rani boasts that she is one step ahead of all of her adversaries at all times. Pavitra is confused about who exactly she stabbed at this point.