Pavitra reveals the truth β€” Pishachini 27th Sep Written Update

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Pavitra is ready to depart without having resolved anything when Vidya stops her and asks her about her acts. This causes Pavitra to feel burdened and causes Vidya to question her behavior. After that, she discusses the true motivation behind why she is assisting them. Will Pavitra be successful in preventing Rocky from getting married?


Let’s enjoy the written update for the newly released sequence of the congenial TV broadcast Pishachini introduced on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Pavitra reveals the truth is the pseudonym of the just-out episode number E36.


The episode begins with the Rajputs being surprised to see Pavitra instead of Rani. Pavitra remembers a Facebook. Pavitra tells Rocky that he may not comprehend what she’s about to do, but he should trust her if he feels that an unknown force is keeping them together. Rocky departs with Rani and his family. Pavitra believes that God has rescued her and worries about what will become of the Rajputs. Sanchit gives Pavitra the vehicle key so she may depart.

He walks away, inviting Vidya to join him. Pavitra observes Vidya’s purse in her hand. Dadaji told her that her grandpa donated it to safeguard the family from Pishachini. Vidya hears her call. Meanwhile, Shikha informs Sapna that Rani is resting in her room. Bubly tells Sapna that they didn’t question Pavitra about how she fell into the well and cites Rocky’s blood droplets on Pavitra’s forehead.

Sapna pulls Bubly aside and tells him they should concentrate on Rani and Rocky’s wedding. Pavitra inquires about the bag. Vidya claims that the priest gave it to her father. The priest, according to Pavitra, was her grandpa. Vidya recognizes Pavitra’s desire to assist her and wants to inform her family, but Pavitra declines, stating that now is not the appropriate moment. She suggests that they cancel Rocky and Rani’s wedding nevertheless.

Sanchit tells Rocky to hurry to the wedding mandap since everyone is waiting for him. Rocky inquires of Sanchit if he should follow his heart or retain the words he has given to someone. According to Sanchit, one should listen to one’s heart. Meanwhile, Vidya distributes the holy powder and oil she discovered in the sack. When Pishachini comes into touch with this concoction, according to Pavitra, she must transform into her proper form. She tells Vidya to pour it on Rani’s path to the mandap so that when she touches it, she transforms into Pishachini.

Vidya complies and performs what Pavitra instructed. She scatters flower petals on the floor and then pours in the concoction. Rani changes into Pishachini as soon as her feet touch the flower petals. Rani hides her face with a veil and intensifies the smoke to keep the Rajputs from seeing her true identity. The Rajputs, except the Pishachs, cannot see anything from the smoke. Rani has completely converted into Pishachini and is flying towards the wedding mandap.

Pavitra faces Rani with confidence. Pavitra claims she will call off her wedding. Rani smiles and mockingly asks Pavitra whether she would halt her marriage and the Rajputs’ devastation. Pavitra claims that only her undying faith and Hanumanji would be able to stop her. The langurs attack Rani. Rani has been whisked away to the well.

Rani screams as langurs encircle her. The smoke gradually dissipates there. Pavitra is dressed as a bride, and her face is covered. Sapna mistakenly believes she is Rani and invites her to sit in the wedding mandap. Pishachini’s magical abilities do not operate in front of the langurs. Rocky marries Pavitra here.

Facebook is shutting down. Sudhakar accuses Pavitra of betraying them and deceiving them into marrying Rocky. Sapna refuses to participate in this wedding. Sudhakar soothes Sapna. He apologizes to the visitors and thanks them for their attendance. The visitors have left.

Sapna instructs Pavitra to leave their home before the cops arrive. Pavitra sobs. Sapna reprimands Pavitra and pulls her out of the house. On the other hand, Rocky clasps Pavitra’s hand and intertwines his fingers. Sudhakar warns Rocky not to act childishly and kicks cheater Pavitra out of the home. Rocky explains that before naming Pavitra, they should understand that he is to blame for what transpired.