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Check the written update for the most recently published chapter of a fun show Pishachini telecasted on Friday, 12 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pavitra tries to recall her past is the moniker of the groovy episode number E5.


Rani ultimately enters the home and attends the Sangeet ceremony in order to draw Rocky into her trap. When Pavitra discovers Pishachini’s presence at the mansion, she tries to remember her relationship with Pishachini. What type of background does Pavitra have?


Rocky compares your eyes to moonlight. Pavitra arrives with Nikita and declares that he didn’t mind that you were dancing with another guy. He and I were dancing. Nikita asks why he should care. Pavitra claims he is uninterested in you. He’s just interested in other girls.

I also produced a video of it. I’m only slapping him because he’s your fiance. “Listen to me,” said Nikita. Pavitra claims that she will not allow you to marry him. She says, “I’m not marrying; I’m marrying Rohit. ” Rocky, my cousin, is here.

What does Pavitra say? Nikita, Rocky says. He walks away. Everyone bursts out laughing. Pavitra apologizes to everyone. She apologizes for ruining everyone’s mood.

It’s fine, according to Babu Ji. You made the correct decision. I’m glad she has you as a friend. Pratik says it’s OK. The music starts up again, and everyone starts dancing. Rocky is sitting outside.

Pavitra arrives. Pavitra arrives. Rocky promises to apologize right away. Pavitra expresses her regret. I’m hoping you’ll forget everything. He claims you humiliated me in front of everyone.

I feel humiliated. Did you accuse me of cheating? I can’t even enter. My reputation has suffered. What was my responsibility for dancing with a girl that liked me? Rocky claims that I will never forget this.

Pavitra becomes agitated. Rocky claims that you have embarrassed him. He hands her his jacket and tells her, “You keep my jacket, it’s freezing. ” He walks away. Ghunghat is delivered by a dancer. She begins to dance.

Rocky joins her in a dance. Everyone gets down on the ground. Rocky performs chikni chambeli with her. Babu ji notices her hairstyle. Pishachini, he says. Pratik recognizes her as well.

Pratik, according to Babu Ji, lied to me. She brings Rocky inside. Babu Ji searches the area for her. She claims you saved her life. My foot had been sprained. He claims you set fire to the floor.

She expresses gratitude. Shikha inquires as to what transpired. He inquires, “Where is that girl? ” the performer She claims to have gone in with Rocky. Her foot was injured. Rocky comes to take her up.

Babu Ji is terrified. He enters and searches for Rocky. Sudhakar is summoned by Babu Ji to fetch the gangajal. Pishachini predicts that you will become unwell. He thinks you’re lovely and light as a rose. Pavitra gives him a glance.

She says such flirtatious things. She compliments you on your sense of humor. Pishachini is sitting in the room. Rocky makes her coffee. She is lying in bed. She claims he, like his uncle, has lofty goals.

I’m going to claim him. Everyone searches for Rocky. She says he’ll take me to my old house in Bareli. Rocky claims that he doesn’t see anyone in agony. Where is Rocky, according to Babu ji? Pishachini vanishes.

People describe Rocky as having a diamond heart. When he glances back, she isn’t there. Babu Ji enters. The man hurls water at the young lady. It’s Nikita calling. You, according to Babu Ji, Rocky shows up.

She claims that I was seeking you all. I was wondering where Rocky was. Sudhakar claims that this dupatta? Is that your dupatta? She claims she had no idea it was on the bed. I was attempting to Rocky inquires, “Where is that girl?

” Rocky said she was just here and then she vanished. Rocky describes her as “exceptional. ” I assisted her by picking her up. Babu Ji is terrified. Nikita explains what’s going on. Babu ji searches the area for her.

Pratik is terrified. “Babu ji,” he says. There is no one here. Sudhakar claims that no one else saw her. Babu ji advises us to go immediately. Sudhakar wonders how Pratik will react.

Babu ji claims he can falsely swear on his father. Sudhakar asks whether you recall her face. He claims she is deceiving us all. She’s really astute. Pavitra wonders why she feels like she’s heard all of this before. Pavitra takes out a book.

She is reading the book. It basically says the same thing. She notices a tree. She notices her hair in the book’s illustration. She researches Pishachini. Pavitra wonders why the mom knew so much about Pishachini.

I should be aware of my past. This message and this notebook are guiding me somewhere. But where exactly? What’s the trick? Who precisely is this Pisachini? Was Divya correct? Is she still alive?