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Check the written update for the current scene of the enticing telecast Pishachini telecasted on Monday, 15 August 2022 on Colors TV. Rocky searches for Rani is the label of the most recently released episode number E6.


Rocky and his companions travel in the middle of the night in quest of the Pishachini. He walks softly into the woods after putting on women’s perfume to lure the beast. Will he be able to apprehend Rani?


Pishachini enters Pavitra’s chamber. She attempts to touch her face but is unable to. Pavitra awakens. She is terrified. Rocky and his siblings have ventured into the forest. If she’s genuine, he says I’ll find her tonight.

Divya claims she arrives smelling like perfume. Put that on me, he says. He smears perfume all over himself. He claims she will now run to me. Pishachini is growing on the tree. Shikha collapses.

Sachin and Divya are holding her. Rocky turns around. He notices that someone is laughing. Sachin insists that we return. Rocky notices the anklet. He asks, “Where are you?” Please don’t make me wait too long. Rocky’s shoulder is going to be touched by Pishachini. He trips and falls. Pavitra is standing in front of him. He lands on top of her. What are you doing here, she asks?

He claims I’m looking for the witch. She claims she heard a noise. She claims you caused her to fall. He claims you fell and caused me to fall. He claims you destroyed his strategy. I need to locate Pishachini.

Pavitra claims she will devour you. She questions why you’re wearing a ladies’ perfume. He claims this is known as Pishachini. Why are you all outdoors, Babu Ji screams? Come on in. According to Divya, there are white flowers near Pishachini.

Pavitra notices several white blossoms. She’s terrified. Babu Ji invites her in. She questions Dada Ji about what Divya said. He claims that we want you to stay away from here. You must return to your native country.

We’ll return to Bareli. She claims you are from Bareli. Yes, he says. She claims that is my birthplace. He inquires about her parents. She claims they died 20 years ago.

She gives him their photo and introduces them. She introduces herself as Pandit Deen Dayal Shaha, after her grandfather. Babu Ji remembers him as the pandit who saved them from Pishachini. She claims to be his grandchild. She agrees. Do you know who he is?

Yes, he adds, they stood by us. She inquires about them. He tells us we need to go home and rest. Pavitra enters the house. Pishachini approaches Pratik and Amrita. She insists that I travel to Bareli at any cost.

You must make it happen. But they’ll have to take that trunk, he says. She claims I’ve already planned it. She claims to have sent it through Pavitra. Keep her a safe distance from my prince. Pavitra mulls over what transpired.

Pavitra goes to the lake to perform puja. Babu Ji compares you to your grandfather. She expresses her desire for him to be present. He confirms that he was stolen from us. “Please tell me about him,” she says. I’d like to know the truth.

What happened to my grandparents and parents? They came together by chance. That’s what I’ve been told. My grandfather assisted you with everything. You must assist me in discovering the truth. My aunt never allows me to see Bareli.

He claims that Pandit Ji possesses the ability to control dark forces. I went to her to save my family from Pishachini 20 years ago. Babu Ji tells her the entire story of how Pandit Ji kept Pishachini in a trunk and how Pratik and Amrita stole it. He drove out of the village in a hurry. Pavitra was in the car with her parents. Pishachini climbed inside the automobile.

She climbed inside Pavitra’s father’s automobile, which smashed into a trunk. Pandit Ji threw Pavitra out, and she collapsed with her hands on a guy in a car. You were too young, according to Dada Ji. The automobiles collided. Pavitra claims that while dying, her grandfather told her that she may be killed. I used to wonder who he was referring to.

I understand now. Pishachini I have to put a stop to her. She murdered my family. It’s not simple, according to Babu Ji. What are your plans? Pavitra claims that my nanu wanted me to put a stop to Pishachini.

That is something I will do. I’m not going to let her kill anyone else. Rocky’s bed is occupied by Pishachini. She promises to make you hers. My wishes will be granted by you.