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Let’s enjoy the written update for the newest scene of beguiling show Pishachini delivered on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 on Colors TV. Rani begins her retribution is the pseudonym of the all-new episode number E7.

Ayodhya informs Pavitra with the entire truth regarding Pishachini and offers his aid in apprehending Rani. Rani, on the other hand, discovers Ayodhya by herself and vows to inflict her revenge on him. Will Ayodhya be able to withstand Rani’s wrath?


Babu ji tells Pavitra that we must go after the wedding as well. You should depart as well. What about Pratik, she asks? He could require our assistance. He believes you are too pure. You wish to assist the family that caused us harm.

I’m sure he invited us since Pishachini requested it. We should go. I am aware of her purpose. She is attempting to find a means to return to Bareli. She’s looking for a target. Pishachini compliments Rocky on his beautiful looks.

You’ll drive me back to Bareli. Rocky springs to mind. Sachin motions for him to rise. Pavitra prepares herself. She considers Pishachihni. She examines the sketches.

She was instructed to begin with the trunk. He claims your grandmother locked her up in that trunk. Pratik just has to have that. We are unable to inform him. Pratik Pishachini will know if we speak with him. We’ll do it behind closed doors.

I’ll look for it for you. I can’t leave you alone in this situation. It’s harmful, according to Pavitra. He claims that he cannot leave you alone in danger. I agree with you. We must halt her here.

Pavitra searches for the trunk. Rocky enjoys flirting with women. Dadi ji goes shopping. He claims that no one comes here. It has to be here. He searches everywhere.

Pishachini makes feline noises. He’s terrified. Rocky phones his pals and informs them that there are women everywhere around him. Pavitra approaches him. She asks, “Do you remember me? ” Who can forget you, he asks?

Can we be friends, she asks? Yes, he says. What is your nickname, he asks? She advises you to make a guess. She insists on a treasure hunt. What exactly does he say?

Pavitra refers to Pishachini’s trunk. Dada ji is terrified. He’s inside the shop. Pavitra describes the appearance of the trunk as “rocky. He asks, “What are we going to do with it? ” She promises to inform you.

He claims that we should distribute the money. I’d want to have a bike. She claims it’s not humorous. Pishachini approaches Dada Ji. She greets you. Let me greet you here.

She slams into him. Dada ji yells. Pavitra searches for the trunk. Nikita intervenes. She suggests that you both join me in my celebration. What’s the matter, Piku?

Rocky chuckles and asks, “Piku? ” Really? Pavitra inquires about Dada Ji’s whereabouts. Pavitra says in her heart that you can’t see him right now. Dada ji is clinging to the windows. He screams for assistance.

He lowers his gaze. The mehndi process begins. Pavitra dances with Nikita but is terrified by Dada Ji. Rocky mocks her by calling her Piku. Shikha is told by a girl that she has mehndi on her face. Shikha conceals her face.

She’s terrified. She enters the house. Nikita intervenes. She notices her scar on her face. She claims that the scar will not be erased. Rocky considers her scar to be a gift from God and a good luck charm.

Divya claims she is one in a million. They all embrace her. Shikha begins to cry. Nikita apologizes to Didi. Pratik has entered the shop. His leg has been severed.

He is repairing his prosthetic leg. A woman with a disfigured face prepares herself. Amrita here. Pavitra instructs Rocky to continue looking. Pishchini arrives with her face veiled as a mehndi girl. Piscahini is unable to touch her hand.

Pavitra claims that this is her lucky charm. She notices Rocky and approaches him. Pishachini claims that now she understands why she was upsetting her so much.