Pavitra finds the enchanted box β€” Pishachini | 17 Aug | Written Update

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the newest story of the riveting telecast Pishachini voiced on Wednesday, 17 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pavitra finds the enchanted box is the tag of the newly released episode number E8.


Pavitra discovers the magical box hanging on top of the chandelier as Rocky hunts for it in the basement. When she examines the chandelier again, the box has vanished into thin air, much to her dismay. What happened to the box?


Pavitra requests that Rocky inspect the storage. I’ll go check on Pratik’s room, she says. Will you be terrified, he asks? She advises you to be concerned about yourself. Dada Ji is suspended from the window. Pavitra enters Pratik’s room.

Amrita and Pratik have arrived with their actual circumstances. Amrita expresses gratitude to God for allowing her to depart today for good. Everyone sees what we have acquired, but only we know what we have lost over the last 20 years. How much pain have we endured? Pavitra approaches their changing room. She’s about to have a look inside.

Rocky intervenes. Amrita claims that someone is outside. Rocky turns to face Pavitra. He asks whether you found anything. She declines. Amrita asks, “Who is here?” They take cover. Rocky and Pavitra exchange glances. Dada Ji makes an attempt to leap into the pool. Pratik takes the trunk. What are you doing, asks Amrita. He says we’ll burn it.

No, she replies, she’ll go to Bareli. He claims we’ve lost everything. Do we have any money? We also lost everything. Our three children. Our defenseless children were kidnapped from us.

Outside the same window, Dada Ji is hanging. He recalls seeing a photograph of four children with Amrita and Pratik. He wishes we had quit 20 years ago. He sobs. Dada Ji takes a look at them. Pratik claims that I would not allow her to go to Bareli and endanger my family.

My father hasn’t even given me a hug. He sobs. Pratik says I can’t hurt them any longer. Amrita has stated that she would not forgive us. Please do not attempt this. He dashes out the door.

Dada Ji sobs. Pratik slips out. On the floor, he notices a chandelier. Nikika inquires about my appearance. He thinks you’re lovely. I wish you continued good fortune.

Pisachini appears, her face veiled. Pratik has forgotten about the trunk in the chandelier. Nikita prepares. The wedding ceremony begins. Amrita breaks down. Rocky turns to face Pavitra.

Pratik, according to Babu Ji, requires our assistance. Pavitra was correct. We’ll be able to stop her once I discover that trunk. Pavitra advises me to locate the trunk. Pavitra’s aunt calls and tells her to return tomorrow after the wedding. Pavitra promises that I will return.

She considers her vow. Pavitra begs God to assist her. I won’t be able to leave without that trunk. She snaps a selfie. Pavitra notices the trunk in the shot of the chandelier. She takes a peek at it.

The wedding ceremony begins. Pavitra walks up to the balcony and attempts to jump from the chandelier. Rocky searches for Pavitra. The chandelier collapses, but the trunk is nowhere to be seen. Dada Ji had taken the trunk before Pavitra arrived downstairs. He is running through the forest.

He claims that I must take it away from my family. I couldn’t put Pavitra’s life in danger. He bolts. Pavitra searches everywhere for the trunk. Rocky takes a glance at her. Pavitra is wondering where Dada Ji is.

Rocky pursues her. Dada Ji is running through the woods. Pratik enters the room. A girl puts her hand on his cheek. He claims you brought me here to have a romantic relationship with me. But the wedding is still taking place.

I had no idea you could be romantic. Pavitra steps forward and says, “Rocky. When he turns around, no one is there. Pavitra requests that Rocky look for Dada Ji. She claims that nowhere is here. Pishachini attacks her from behind.

Pratik calls off the wedding. He claims that Babu Ji is not present. Rocky attempts to call Dada Ji, but his phone is in the room. Dada Ji is running through the woods. He notices a tree. He continues to run.

Pavitra is followed by Pishachini.