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Let’s enjoy the written update for the revolutionary webisode of the clever TV drama Pishachini produced on Thursday, 18 August 2022 on Colors TV. Ayodhya is paralyzed is the moniker of the most modern episode number E9.


Ayodhya tosses the trunk into the bush to get rid of Pishachini, but she rescues herself and immobilizes him. Pavitra burns her garment to show that Pishachini has departed. Will Pishachini pursue Pavitra?


The episode begins with Pishachini approaching Pavitra. Dadaji enters the jungle and pours the holy powder provided to him by the pries on the trunk. Pishachini feels it here and says, “Trunk. ” Pavitra hears this and turns around, but Pishachini has already vanished. Dadaji notices the powder becoming black and a cloud of black smoke filling the sky.

The priest announces during the wedding that they must begin the wedding rite. The family sets out to find Dadaji. Pavitra arrives in the wilderness in search of Dadaji. The latter tries to toss the box over the fence of the estate. However, Pishachini snatches it before it crosses the barrier, who asks whether he would accompany her to Baraily.

Dadaji claims he would never take her to Baraily and will not allow anyone else to take her there. He claims that he will trap him again in the trunk, like he did 20 years ago. Pishachini laughs and climbs the tree vertically. She requests that he take the box and catch her in the trunk.

Dadaji picks up the trunk and begins reciting mantras. Pishachini laughs at Dadaji. She blasts a cloud of black smoke at Dadaji. Dadaji is rendered unconscious by the black fog that surrounds him. Nikita and Rohit start their wedding preparations there.

Dadaji awakens at this point. He notices the trunk moving on its own on the ground. Dadaji takes off from there. Pavitra is on the lookout for Dadaji. Pishachini takes the trunk.

Rohit wraps a mangalsutra around Nikita’s neck and applies vermillion to her hairline. Meanwhile, Pavitra and Rocky cross paths. Pavitra’s bracelet becomes entangled in Rocky’s sherwani. They’ve locked eyes. He takes it away.

He informs Pavitra that he is unable to locate Dadaji. Nikita and Rohit seek the blessings of the elderly. Nikita inquires about Dadaji. Dadaji then comes sprinting up and falls down. Pavitra notices him and yells, “Dadaji!”, alerting everyone. They rush to Dadaji. Dadaji insists on returning home. They escorted him inside. According to the doctor, Dadaji had a paralytic attack.

He claims that Dadaji’s body was paralyzed and that he would be unable to walk in the future. He walks away. Rocky inquires as to where Dadaji has gone and what transpired. Dadaji attempts to communicate with them but is unable to. Sudhakar claims that he does not comprehend what he is attempting to communicate.

When he collapsed, Pavitra claims she heard him say, “Return home. ” Sudhakar expresses his desire for Dadaji to come home and requests that an ambulance be dispatched to transport him. Pavitra wonders whether Dadaji attempted to say anything different. The Rajputs prepare to depart towards Baraily. Rocky apologizes to Pavitra for failing to locate the riches.

He claims she can’t find Pishachini in London and must travel to Baraily. He goes on to claim that if she came to Bareli, they would be able to discover the wealth together. Pavitra bids Rocky farewell. Rocky and Pavitra continue to stare at one another. Rocky’s mother breaks their eye contact.

Rocky’s parents encourage Pavitra to see Bareli on her next trip to India. They depart. Rocky reciprocates Pavitra’s greeting by waving his hands. Pavitra is packing her belongings. She examines Hanuman’s frame.

He remembers Dadaji’s remarks concerning the trunk. She is puzzled as to where the trunk has vanished. She suspects that Dadaji obtained the trunk and attempted to apprehend Pishachini. She wonders how successful he was. She is unsure how to find out.

She opens the window to find Pishachini’s dupatta on the floor. She walks downstairs to get it. The duppata takes flight. Pavitra pursues the duppata. The duppata crashes into a tree.

Pavitra recalls her grandpa’s writing in his letter that Pishachini’s garments cannot be destroyed and that if someone attempts to destroy them, Pishachini would appear. Pavitra strikes a match and tosses it onto the duppata. She sits and waits for Pishachini. The duppata begins to catch fire. Pavitra recalls her grandpa saying that if Pishachini does not appear, it implies she is not present.

Pavitra is taken aback when she realizes Pishachini has left the area and wonders where she is. She worries whether Dadaji has kidnapped her. Amrita informs Pratik that Pishachini has been abandoned since her trunk has gone missing. According to a Facebook post, Pishachini is linked to the trunk and will follow it wherever it goes. Amrita is relieved that Pishachini has departed.

But Pratik is concerned about who Pishachini has captured this time, as well as where she is and where her trunk is. Shikha, on the other hand, is holding the trunk and concealing it with her robe. A Facebook post appears. Pishachini approaches Shikha and persuades her to accompany her home, claiming that her family does not care about her but that she can fulfill all of her wants and provide her with a better life partner than Nikta. The FB is over.

Pishachini is depicted sitting on the roof of the automobile Shikha and her family are riding in. Shikha is terrified when she sees Pishachini, but Pishachini chuckles.