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Get the written update for the most recently published scene of the enjoyable TV series Rajjo presented on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Arjun Worries about Rajjo is the name of the funky episode number S1 E10.


During the time that Arjun’s family is searching for Rajjo, Arjun keeps Rajjo hidden from them. Arjun follows Rajjo about as she travels in order to be of assistance to her as she looks for her mother.


Madhu makes fun of Kalindi at the beginning of the episode for waking up late. She contrasts Swara with Kalindi and commends Swara for raising Kalindi’s daughter Sia. Where is Arjun? she inquires.

According to Kalindi, she has come to provide some information concerning Arjun. She claims that Arjun went after the trash truck after leaving the home barefoot. Hearing this shocks Madhu. They left to investigate.

Arjun tries to express regret to Rajjo. He claims to not have known that her mother had this scarf. Rajjo said that she is certain he won’t throw it away since he respects his mother and understands how important she is. His family is noticed by Arjun.

With one hand, he raises Rajjo and hides behind a pillar. He takes off the leaves covering her head. Rajjo queries if he lifted her to take off the glasses. She is placed on the floor by Arjun.

Rajjo Madhu is seen by him. Madhu questions why Arjun followed a trash truck. Chilmil and Kalindi speculate that Arjun may have gone to see Urvashi to find love. According to Arjun, he transported her to this location so his family wouldn’t see her.

Madhu is asked by Chilmil why she doesn’t contact Arjun. To collect her phone, Madhu returns to the residence. Kalindi and Chilmil pursue her. Rajjo informs Arjun that she is going to search for her mother on her own and feels that she shouldn’t be a burden to him.

Arjun inquires as to her independence. Rajjo would say that she would ask people around her for directions to the rescue center. If she has any money, Arjun inquires. She left her money in his room, according to Rajjo, despite having it in her luggage.

She is afraid that her fate won’t allow her to go; therefore, she won’t go back inside the home. She then requests that Arjun store her suitcase in a secure location until she returns it and finds her mother. Arjun is asked to take care of her since he has already done so much for her. She makes her exit.

Nobody assists Rajjo when she inquires about the rescue facility. She is taken aback when she sees Arjun there. Arjun volunteers to go with Rajjo in search of her mother. Rajjo concurs.

They leave in their automobile. Kalindi, in Thakur’s home, claims that Arjun may have passed out had he left the house without eating breakfast. Kalindi is reprimanded by Madhu for her unkind remarks. They clash.

Swara diverts their attention by congratulating Sia for consuming the dish quickly. When Madhu discovers that Arjun has been seen driving the automobile and that he left the phone at home, she becomes concerned. She suspects Arjun’s conduct is suspicious in some way. Arjun follows Rajjo to the rescue facility in the meanwhile.

The mob causes Rajjo to be shoved. Rajjo is held by Arjun. He brings her to the policeman. Rajjo asks the officer to look up her mother’s name on the list of individuals who have been rescued and let her know if it is.

Rajjo is refused and treated impolitely by the officer. Arjun yells at the policeman. The same rescue facility is reached through Manorama as well.