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Enjoy the written update for the newly released episode of the charming TV series Rajjo telecasted on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. A Close Shave for Rajjo is the name of the recent episode number S1 E11.


Arjun makes an offer to assist Rajjo in locating a clue that may take them to Manorama, Rajjo’s absent mother. After some time has passed, Rajjo barely makes it out of the Thakur home without being caught red-handed.


Arjun shouts at the officer at the beginning of the episode, telling him to do his duties. The guy concurs. Rajjo looks for her mother’s name on the computer list. Others are pressuring them to act quickly.

Arjun queries Rajjo about the name of her mother. Manorama, says Rajjo. Manorama isn’t on the list, according to Arjun, who checked it. Rajjo sobs uncontrollably, believing that her mother is no longer alive.

Arjun gives Rajjo comfort. He claims that it’s not a full list and that more names will be added when they discover more people. They will check with all of Lucknow’s rescue facilities, he claims. Rajjo may count on him to discover her mother.

In the meantime, a guy gives Manorama instructions to register her name in the centre so that Rajjo would be aware of her presence when she comes to look for her. Manorama concurs. Rajjo and Arjun drive away. Rajjo and Manorama want to see each other.

Rajjo and Arjun get home. He provides water to Rajjo. Rajjo must leave his room, he explains, so he will retrieve his money and find her a new place to stay. She is told to wait until he returns by hiding in the vehicle.

He promises to deliver her luggage. According to Rajjo, Arjun is comparable to the nice prince from fairy tales. Karthik observes Arjun getting out of his vehicle and conversing with someone there. Karthik is called upon by someone who wants to speak with him.

Rajjo sees him in the side mirror of the automobile. She is startled when she recognises that guy. In the meantime, Arjun arrives home to find his family waiting for him. Arjun’s peculiar morning conduct is brought up by Madhu, who also wonders what Arjun is trying to hide from them.

Arjun feels uneasy. Karthik checks Arjun’s vehicle outside but finds no one inside. Here, Arjun deceives Madhu by saying that he went to mend his beloved watch since it had broken. Madhu hears Kalindi tell her that Arjun is lying.

In an effort to learn the truth, Madhu pursues Arjun. Arjun goes inside his room as Rajjo arrives from the balcony. Arjun closes the door in Madhu’s face after seeing Rajjo. Jhilmil informs Madhu that men behave in such a manner when there is post-marriage passion.

Chirag queries Kalindi about the situation. She mocks him. Chirag goes out. Arjun is asked by Madhu to open the door.

Arjun makes up the story that he has an appointment and will arrive after changing. Madhu is urged by Jhilmil to get accustomed to it. The cousin of Arjun lures Madhu away by promising to return after changing. What is Rajjo doing here?

asks Arjun. Rajjo claims that she came here since the guy who lives in his home was nearly seen by him. She explains who he is. Karthik, according to Arjun, is his uncle.

She might have concealed herself someplace else, so Arjun wonders why she entered his room. Rajjo declares that she is foolish after realising he is correct. Rajjo is reprimanded by Arjun for behaving impulsively. Rajjo claims that she is okay with being ignorant and impoverished rather than clever like the wealthy.

She just wants to locate her mother and leave this location and her reprimands. Arjun advises Rajjo to refrain from leaping over the balcony since his uncle may see her because he is extremely smart. Jhilmil informs her son Mukund that she spoke with Madhu about working with him in the family company and requests that he contribute in some way. Rajjo is invited to come downstairs by Arjun.

He signals readiness by giving the thumbs up. Rajjo is unable to comprehend this. Arjun reprimands her. He descends the steps.

At the breakfast bar, he is seated. He begins eating breakfast. Rajjo is keeping an eye on him while he hides on the stairs. Jhilmil invites Mukund to see Arjun and speak with him.

Mukund informs Arjun of his intention to work for the family firm. Arjun claims that he previously questioned him but received no response. Swara requests that Arjun allow Mukund some time to reflect. When Karthik arrives, he asks the person with whom he was speaking while in the vehicle.

Arjun is asked by Kalindi to reveal his secret. When Arjun sees his relatives ascending the stairs, he is startled. Rajjo is instructed to leave and hide while he diverts his family. Rajjo rushes and bumps against a table.

Dadaji stops a flower vase from falling as it is ready to do so. Dadaji first sees Arjun, then Rajjo. Arjun becomes anxious as he observes this.