Rajjo 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Arjun Worries about Rajjo’s Safety

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Read the written update for the different webisode of the congenial TV series Rajjo pronounced on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. Arjun Worries about Rajjo’s Safety is the label of the latest episode number S1 E12.


Arjun makes the executive decision to move Rajjo into a hotel room so that he may protect her from his own family. On the other hand, he becomes enraged after spotting a member of the staff glancing at Rajjo.


Rajjo folds her hands in front of Arjun’s dadaji at the beginning of the episode and begs him to let her go. She strokes his feet before leaving the house. Arjun is observing. Arjun reports seeing a cockroach to his family.

He departs, citing an essential meeting as his justification. Madhu becomes alarmed by Arjun’s peculiar conduct. Arjun questions why Dadaji didn’t respond when he spotted Rajjo while driving. Rajjo inquires as to their destination.

According to Arjun, he is checking her into a motel. Rajjo is astonished when he arrives at the hotel and sees the room. Rajjo is informed by Arjun that he cannot confine her to his room. Rajjo is certain that she didn’t want to remain in his room either.

Rajjo is told by Arjun to keep the door to the room locked and to only open it for him when he calls her out. Then he shows the phone and instructs the user on which button to press to place food orders. Rajjo is pleased to hear that she may eat anything she wants. They sometimes had to sleep by simply drinking water, so she wished her mother were present as well.

She assures him that his money won’t be wasted. Arjun advises her to relax and stay there pleasantly without worrying about money. Rajjo claims she won’t be able to until she finds her mother. She inquires if he will locate her.

Arjun asks whether she believes in him, and she nods in agreement. Rajjo claims she can completely rely on him. She is advised by Arjun not to blindly trust anybody and to consider before acting. Arjun is getting ready to go.

He observes that Rajjo is always the focus of hotel employee attention. He becomes angry. The personnel, he chastises, are acting improperly toward Rajjo. He then transports Rajjo.

To protect her from the family, he believes he cannot leave her in this dangerous situation. The automobile is being driven violently by Arjun. Rajjo is afraid to ask him to take her anywhere. Arjun makes a remark on a woman’s poor driving skills.

Arjun is told by Rajjo how resilient the ladies are. She claims that even her mother has confirmed that she can ride a boat, but no other woman in her town can do either. She warns Arjun not to make fun of women. She starts talking too much, and Arjun urges her to stop.

Arjun is an admirable individual, yet Rajjo believes that he is conceited. She questions Urvashi’s ability to carry him. In the meantime, Urvashi enters Arjun’s room and is horrified to see the mess. She enters the restroom.

She shouts out to Madhu after being startled to discover a girl’s dress there. Rajjo and Arjun get home. Rajjo is instructed to cautiously climb the balcony before Arjun invites her to enter his room via it. After her mother, Rajjo claims that he is the only one who looks out for her.

She claims that despite her best efforts, she is unable to leave Arjun’s chamber since her fate is intertwined with theirs. She tells him that they need to offer Dadaji their condolences. While Arjun enters the home via the front entrance, Rajjo climbs the balcony. He is taken aback when he is alone in the hallway.

After ascending, he discovers his family in his chamber. Madhu wonders whose outfit this is after displaying Arjun Rajjo’s fabric. Arjun seems startled. Rajjo, who is hidden on the balcony, observes this.

Arjun is compelled to disclose the truth by Madhu. Rajjo beseeches God to rescue Arjun. Dadaji suddenly appears and claims that the cloth is evidence that Arjun assisted a person. According to him, Arjun assisted several individuals during the flood, and some of their clothing may have ended up in his vehicle.

After apologising to Arjun for misinterpreting him, Madhu and the family depart. Hugging Dadaji, Arjun expresses gratitude for rescuing him. He claims that he didn’t bring Rajjo here and concealed her on purpose. Rajjo enters just then and claims to have hidden in Arjun’s tempo to get here.

Arjun is trustworthy, according to Dadaji, but he is unreliable. If someone sees a lady hiding in his room, Arjun claims that they will misinterpret it. He asks him to listen to him so they can both grasp the situation. Madhu is informed by Kalindi that Arjun has changed and that something seems off.

Madhu believes Kalindi is correct and hopes to discover the truth. Arjun then tells Dadaji what he knows about Rajjo. He reassured Dadaji that it would just take a few days. Dadaji claims that he is assisting the girl as well as supporting him, yet it is improper for a female to occupy a male’s bedroom if they are not related.

Dadaji is correct, as is Arjun. Dadaji requests that this issue be resolved as soon as possible before departing. Arjun receives an apology from Rajjo for the difficulties he caused him and his family. She claims that she used to flee and constantly defied her mother.

She inquires if he has never lied to his mother. Arjun considers keeping his parents in the dark about his plans to visit America again. When Urvashi meets Arjun, According to the latter, Arjun is trying to avoid telling his mother that he and his parents would be travelling to America after establishing a company for Chirag. She queries if he isn’t also keeping anything from her. Arjun considers Rajjo.