Rajjo 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Arjun in a Fix

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Enjoy the written update for the just out article of the engrossing serial Rajjo released on Monday, 5th September 2022. Arjun in a Fix is the tag of the cool episode number S1 E13.


When Arjun’s wife Urvashi suggests that they celebrate their anniversary by going on a vacation, he finds himself in a precarious position. Despite this, he is adamant on remaining behind to provide assistance to Rajjo.


At the beginning of the episode, Arjun inquires if he is keeping anything from her. She begs him not to act in such a way. He requests that he take off her jewellery. She queries if he would be thrilled to accompany her alone to the forest lodge the following day.

Inadvertently breaking Urvashi’s jewellery, Arjun He requests a postponement. Urvashi reminds him that their anniversary, which marks the day she first asked him out on a date and he said yes, is the next day. Yes, says Arjun. Urvashi claims she wants to remember that day and commemorate it every day for the rest of her life, but he rejects this.

She becomes upset. After apologising to her, Arjun promises to go the next day. Urvashi embraces him. Arjun promises to give her a brand-new bracelet.

She claims Arjun won’t allow Urvashi to kiss him, despite her desire to do so. Arjun is unsure about how to explain things to Rajjo. Madhu is offering pooja to God. Coming to Madhu is Arjun.

He asserts that a mother may interrogate her kid. Madhu claims that she regrets having doubted him. According to Arjun, he didn’t feel guilty about it. Arjun receives the kheer from Madhu.

Arjun can recall Rajjo. He claims that he will eat in his room since he has a client meeting. Taking the meal platter, he departs. Chirag is made fun of by Kalindi for eating his dinner while watching TV in the room.

She wants to provoke Madhu to turn on Arjun. She advises Madhu to inquire about Arjun if he is experiencing any issues. Dadaji tells Kalindi to have some food and not to worry about Arjun. Rajjo is given the dinner platter by Arjun.

Being able to observe so many foods excites Rajjo. She thinks back to a post on Facebook where Manorama serves Rajjo her favourite dish and hopes that Rajjo will find a prince who will serve her kheer on a silver plate. Rajjo consumes the hot kheer, burning her lips. Arjun reprimands Rajjo.

He offers her some water. Manorama, on the other hand, is eating supper and is missing Rajjo. Arjun worries about leaving Rajjo alone when going out with Urvashi, while Rajjo is enjoying the meal. To receive an update, he calls the rescue centre.

When Arjun wakes up and falls off the sofa while sleeping, Rajjo laughs. He first goes to change. Rajjo is then given a toothbrush to brush her teeth. As soon as Rajjo arrives after getting dressed, Arjun is enthralled.

Rajjo queries where he obtained the clothing for her. According to Arjun, his buddy Bharat acquired this. He calls him a moron for buying only one. Rajjo declares it to be lovely.

They go away. Rajjo descends the balcony as Arjun departs via the front door. A local lady recognises Rajjo. Arjun leaving without seeing Madhu upsets her.

Dadaji claims Arjun must be rushing. Before the wedding, Dadaji says he’ll ask Arjun to take Madu on vacation. Pratap endorses the notion and proposes taking a family vacation. As she retrieves the dish from Arjun’s room, Kalindi says.

To locate Manorama, Arjun and Rajjo go to the rescue facility. Manorama and the other survivors are instructed by the staff to go since the VIP and the press have arrived. The Manorama is intrigued by the visitor. A woman claims that a wealthy person must have arrived.

She advises letting go so you can have food and clothing. Manorama claims that all she wants is to locate her daughter and doesn’t want anybody else’s generosity. The woman requests to be given the food and clothing. Pushkar and his wife arrive at the rescue facility.

Despite seeming as if he doesn’t enjoy being there, he becomes excited to see the reporters there. Arjun and Rajjo are looking through the updated list of flood survivors when the server crashes just as they were about to read Manorama’s name. When Arjun reveals that they have no information on Rajjo’s mother, Rajjo becomes upset. He exhorts Rajjo to persevere.

Pushkar is addressing the media. Manorama emerges from the middle. Rajjo is also taken out by Arjun Rajjo and Manorama are unable to see each other. When Arjun and Rajjo leave in their car, Manorama observes Rajjo.

Manorama chases after a vehicle while yelling for Rajjo. After a while of jogging, she trips and collapses. She yells that her mother has arrived.