Rajjo 9th September 2022 Written Update β€” Pushkar Learns Rajjo’s Truth

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Explore the written update for the newly published installment of the striking serial Rajjo brought on Friday, 9th September 2022. Pushkar Learns Rajjo’s Truth is the tag of the freshest episode number S1 E17.


Rajjo 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E17
Title: Pushkar Learns Rajjo’s Truth
Summary During Pushkar’s asthma episode, Rajjo is the one who comes to his rescue. Later on, Pushkar is taken aback when Arjun reveals to him that Rajjo is Manorama’s offspring and shows him the medal she received.


Arjun begins the episode by inquiring about Rajjo’s level of faith in him. He has a lot of things to say and then hands him the medal. Arjun catches it. He is leaving.

Arjun attempts to make Madhu realise that he isn’t under any mystical powers. The Baba asserts just the contrary, though. He challenges Arjun to demonstrate this by carving the pumpkin for him. When Arjun chops open the pumpkin, the flesh inside is bright crimson.

There, Rajjo notices that someone is having trouble breathing. Pushkar was having an asthma attack when she came out of Arjun’s room to check on him. She saw him lying on the floor. According to the Baba, Arjun is the target of a witch.

The latter demonstrates that the baba is not telling the truth. The Baba manages to escape. Madhu apologises to Arjun. When Rajjo needs assistance, he will ask anybody for it.

She is successful in locating the asthma pump. She recalls a woman from her hometown who used the same kind of pump. She then passes it to Pushkar and requests that he use it since she has no idea how to use it herself. Pushkar sprays some of it into his lips before swallowing it.

Arjun receives an apology from Madhu, who clarifies that her actions were not motivated by malice. Arjun gives her the reassurance that he is aware of her only desire, which is for his kindness. Pushkar is reassured by Rajjo that he will not pass away, and Rajjo then leaves to fetch aid. When Rajjo is walking down the stairs, he knocks over a flower vase.

The family rushes upstairs to investigate whether or not it was an act of witchcraft. Arjun starts to feel concerned when he realises that only Rajjo is upstairs. The discovery that Pushkar is unconscious comes as a shock to the family. Following that, Pushkar comes to his senses.

He claims that he was having an asthma attack when a woman came to his rescue. The family is unsure who the girl is and asks who she is. They speculate about who it may possibly be. Pushkar claims that she was short, but he was unable to make out the details of her face.

Arjun is able to deflect the focus of his family. He tells his family to leave Pushkar alone so that he may get some rest, then he leaves himself. The family decides to depart. Pushkar approaches Arjun and inquires about the identity of the female.

Arjun claims to be familiar with the aforementioned woman. He inquires of Pushkar about his ability to rely on him. Pushkar gives him his word that he won’t reveal his secret to anybody else. Arjun relates a story of assisting a girl from Neelthal who is looking for her absent mother.

He goes to Pushkar for assistance in locating her. Arjun demonstrates to Manorama that her mother was an athlete by presenting the medal. Pushkar is taken aback when he sees the award, and he immediately remembers kicking Manorama out of the school and claiming that he was the father of her kid. Pushkar inquires as to whether or not he is familiar with Manorama’s daughter and whether or not she rescued him.

The answer is affirmative, and Arjun goes on to say that her name is Rajjo. He is going to pick her up. Elsewhere, Manorama is seen strolling down the road, while on the other hand, Pushkar’s wife Kavita and his son Bunty are seen driving down the road. Both of these groups are headed in the same general direction.

Bunty receives a reprimand from Kavita for using his phone while driving the vehicle. He cannot get Bunty to obey him. He drives his automobile into Manorama, hurting her. Rajjo is introduced to everyone in Pushkar by Arjun after he has brought her there.

Rajjo is the one who reveals to Pushkar that he had seen her at the engagement ceremony that Arjun had the previous day. Rajjo acknowledges it. Arjun reveals to Pushkar that his family is unaware that Rajjo is now residing in the residence they share. Because Arjun never lies to his mother, Pushkar is taken aback by the fact that he did so in this situation.

Arjun claims that he felt obligated to keep it a secret from his mother and the rest of his family because he was unsure of how they would respond if they were aware of it. He requests that Pushkar make use of his previous connections in order to locate Rajjo’s mother. Rajjo falls to her knees and begs him to assist her while she is on her knees. Arjun tells Rajjo to stand up and explains that in their household, females are not allowed to touch one another’s feet.

Arjun did the right thing, according to Pushkar, by revealing his secret to him. He claims that it is his responsibility to find a solution that will work for both Rajjo and his mother.