Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Update — Rajjo Comes Before the Thakurs

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Rajjo has eye discomfort, which causes him to tumble from a height, where he eventually lands in front of the Thakurs. Madhumalti queries Arjun about Rajjo’s presence in the residence.


Check the written update for the just-out sequence of the pleasing serial Rajjo voiced on Monday, 12th September 2022. Rajjo Comes Before the Thakurs is the moniker of the fresh episode number S1 E19.


Thakurs begins the episode by dancing on Kalindi’s birthday. Chirag is fed after Kalindi chops the cake. She then feeds Pushkar. Sia laments the fact that her mother didn’t give her cake.

Suman provides her cake. The gathering is fun for the family. Rajjo receives a slice of cake from Arjun on his birthday. Rajjo liked the cake very much.

She claims she has never seen a birthday party celebration like this. She continues by saying that she merely happened to pass by the bakery on her way to sell some fish, but thanks to Arjun, she had the chance to try the cakes. Rajjo answers the latter’s question about her birthday as Dusshera. As he puts cake on Rajjo’s cheek, Arjun explains that this is common in the city.

In an attempt to put the cake on Arjun’s face, Rajjo. Arjun is holding her. Both of them land on the bed. Rajjo will not stand up till he has covered his face with cake.

She touches Arjun’s face with her own. They have their eyes locked. The phone rang Arjun. They regain their composure.

After wiping the cake off his face, Arjun asks Rajjo to wash her face before going downstairs. As the cake falls into Rajjo’s eyes, she sobs. When Kavita witnesses Madhu give Kalindi a ring, she remarks that it is too little. Her response from Madhu is appropriate.

His brother questions Chirag about whether he has brought Kalindi any gifts. Chirag replies, “no,” citing Kalindi’s gift exchange. Chirag gets made fun of by Kalindi by stating his presents are meaningless. She selects a purse and declares her admiration for it.

Madhu claims that Rocky, her sister’s son, gave this to her. She claims that he’s sophisticated and has the taste of affluence. Kalindi receives a flying kiss from Rocky. The second grinned.

Kalindi acknowledges Rocky. Kavita is made fun of by Madhu and Jhilmil for coming from a poor background. While the family is playing Antakshari, Pushkar enters Rajjo’s room with luggage. Because of the cake, Rajjo’s eyes are still itchy, and she cannot see.

With the use of a chloroform kerchief, he covers Rajjo’s nose. He puts her into the bag before tossing it from the balcony. He gives the family an explanation before departing. He takes the load and drops it in a desolate area from a terrace.

In the end, it was all in his head. Rajjo, in Pushkar’s opinion, ought to consult him before assaulting her. Rajjo’s eye is irritated; therefore, she cannot see anything. She leaves the room in search of the restroom.

Pushkar adheres to her. The balcony is reached via Rajjo. Rajjo is pushed from the balcony by Pushkar. Arjun and the family notice Rajjo’s screams as she collapses to the ground.

Rajjo is saved when Arjun rescues her in time. He comforts her and expresses his concern for her. Arjun hears Madhu yell. Arjun strikes Rajjo.

Arjun’s coat’s wrist button catches Rajjo’s thread around her wrist. Rajjo makes unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it. Using the flame, Madhu separates the tread from Arjun’s button. She questions Arjun about the girl whom he refers to by name and whom he cares about.

Madhu inquires as to how it demonstrates his familiarity with her. Arjun must also respond to Urvashi. She queries about his relationship with that girl. According to Arjun, she is Rajjo.

In Neelthal, he ran into her. She is a mountain native. He continues by denying that he brought her here. When the water struck Neethal, she lost her mother.

Other than her mother, she is alone. Others persuaded her to search for her mother in Lucknow. To go to Lucknow, she boarded a tempo, but sadly it was their tempo. Rajjo, according to him, arrived in his room and their home.

On the day of their wedding, he discovered her in the bag. The revelation that Rajjo had been sharing Arjun’s room with him for all those days and that Arjun had kept this from Madhu and Urvashi astounded them. Jhilmil claims that their neighbor saw a girl leap from the balcony and that she was the owner of the hair strand discovered in Arjun’s pillow. Madhu is aware that Arjun gave Rajjo food covertly.

Kalindi makes fun of Arjun for tricking everyone. Chirag says that for Arjun to lie, there must be a good cause. Madhu receives an apology from Arjun and a hug. Arjun is moved away by Madhu.

Arjun gets a reprimand from Madhu for lying to them and sharing his room with a young girl. She claims that Arjun’s gesture embraces her.