Rajjo 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rajjo Is Thrown Out

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Arjun gets called out by the other Thakurs for concealing Rajjo in his bedroom. After the decision is made to ask Rajjo to leave the mansion, Arjun makes arrangements for her to stay elsewhere.

Check out the written update for the most recently released section of the enjoyable television broadcast Rajjo produced on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Rajjo Is Thrown Out is the moniker of the newly discovered episode number S1 E20.


At the beginning of the episode, Arjun tells his mother that while he had to keep Rajjo hidden from his room because of the situation, his intentions were good. If his destiny is awful, Madhu claims that he cannot be justified and that his character would be called into doubt. When he proposed to Urvashi, Arjun reportedly had a female in his room. She rejects it outright.

Arjun promises Urvashi that he didn’t deceive her since he abhors deceit and is incapable of fooling anybody. He expresses regret to Urvashi and his family. Rajjo expresses her regret to Arjun for embarrassing his family by appearing in front of them and causing him to trip and fall. Arjun, according to Pratap, ought to have informed everyone in the home about Rajjo.

Pushkar claims Arjun told him. Rajjo is hoping Puskar will be honest and rescue Arjun. Dadaji claims to have known Rajjo was in the home as well. Hearing this shocks the family.

Puskar believes Rajjo was the reason his strategy failed, but he insists on continuing to play the game. Pushkar and Dadaji stand up for Arjun. Madhu becomes irate that Pushkar and Dadaji are breaching the home rules by standing up for Arjun. She tells Dadaji that she won’t put up with his encouraging Arjun to lie.

She corrects Rajjo and wonders whether her mother is aware of the identity of her father. Arjun tells Madhu that she isn’t always like that and begs her to stop. Madhu attributes Arjun’s altered conduct to Rajjo’s business. Pushkar is then accused of insulting Madhu by keeping the facts from her.

She claims that because of his ability to be kind, honest, and fair, he married Kavita, who came from a low-income family. She claims that she alone has the authority to make choices in Arjun’s life, not Pushkar’s. Then, Madhu doubts Rajjo’s morals and integrity. Rajjo is not like that, according to Arjun, who stands up for her.

Madhu stops speaking. She queries how Rajjo could dare to eat off of Arjun’s plate while staying in his room. When Arjun attempts to stop her, she taunts Rajjo and reprimands him. Arjun must immediately kick Rajjo out of the home, according to Madhu.

Puskar promises to transfer Rajjo to a women’s dormitory for Madhu. Dadaji advises them to assist Rajjo in finding her mother. Madhu claims that it could take a while to locate her mother. If Arjun wants to keep that lady in his room till then, Urvashi asks.

Arjun argues and rejects the accusation. Arjun has Urvashi in a rage, and she won’t take his advice. Since he learned that Rajjo’s mother resides in this city, Arjun claims they would soon be able to locate her. She was included among the flood survivors.

Madhu rejects it outright. Rajjo urges Madhu not to lash out at Arjun for making a mistake. Madhu receives her apology. Arjun is praised by her, who also likens him to God.

She reassures her that he acted within his rights and had only been trying to assist her in finding her mother. She adopted his pace. She requests that Madhu condemn her rather than Arjun. Madhu claims to be more familiar with Arjun than she is.

Although she claims to have never questioned Arjun, she examines Rajjo’s motivations. Rajjo is asked to go right away since she can no longer stand her. Arjun is against dispatching Rajjo at night. After then, Madhu tells Arjun to quit thinking about that girl and to find a location to leave Rajjo.

Bharat, according to her, will go with them. Arjun attempts to argue against it. Madhu claims that it is her order, nevertheless. Rajjo is brought to a women’s hostel by Arjun.

Rajjo receives an apology from Arjun for what transpired in the home. Rajjo claims she wants to forget about it. Arjun speaks with the receptionist to register Rajjo’s name in the dormitory. The dormitory warden informs Pushkar that Rajjo has arrived at the facility with a boy.

Pushkar promises the warden that if she does his duties, he will contribute to the hostel and offer her a unique present. She concurs. He provides her with some directives. That room isn’t available, the receptionist informs us.

Rajjo says she is welcome to remain in the hallway. The space is available, and the warden replies as he steps in. When the warden accurately notes that Rajjo is a newcomer to the city, Arjun becomes suspicious of her. Rajjo promises him that she has complete confidence in her and will remain there.

Arjun consents to pay the entire cost. He begs the warden not to try to harm her since he promises to watch over this hostel and would continue to stop by. Rajjo is new to this city, he continues, but he knows her.