Rajjo 14th Sep Written Update β€” Arjun Longs for Rajjo

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Following Arjun’s departure, Rajjo makes an effort to readjust to life at the dormitory. After some time has passed, Madhumalti observes a shift in Arjun’s behaviour due to his inability to forget Rajjo.


Explore the written update for the popular installment of the blest TV show Rajjo produced on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Arjun Longs for Rajjo is the designation of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E21.


At the beginning of the episode, Arjun cautions the warden not to be so bold as to hurt Rajjo. The warden nods fine. Arjun gives Rajjo his word that he would protect her from any harm that may come her way. Rajjo states that she was stung by Madhu’s nasty statements, particularly what Madhu said about her parents. Rajjo was particularly upset by what Madhu said about her parents.

She claims that she is unable to put it out of her mind. Arjun apologises to Rajjo. He claims that his mother spoke such words out of rage and that she may come to regret them. Rajjo implores him to go back to his mother and warns him against causing her any harm. She goes on to explain that she will return all of his favours to him once the occasion presents itself.

Arjun insists that they must make a significant amount of effort in order to locate his mother, and that she must assist him in this endeavour. He invites her to have something to eat. He requests that she give him a call if she ever finds herself in any kind of danger. He tells her that if she is ever in any danger, she should leave without waiting for him, but she knows that this would never happen since he will never leave her side. As they say their goodbyes to one another, Arjun and Rajjo start to feel upset.

The warden sneaks around to take a picture of Rajjo and then transmits it to Pushkar. She sends him a note informing him that she would fulfil his request about Rajjo’s departure from this city before morning. After reading the message, Pushkar breaks into a grin. He claims that as soon as he is done with Rajjo, he would locate Manorama and take care of her as well. The episode of Manorama is broadcast in Pushkar’s residence.

The warden demonstrates to Rajjo where she would be sleeping and then asks his roommate to serve her some tea. There, Arjun makes his way back to his house with regret. This causes Madhu to become suspicious since she has noticed it. Tea is served to Rajjo by her roommate. Rajjo has a mental image of Arjun sharing a cup of tea with her.

Arjun may be seen there, mumbling to himself while sipping tea. Arjun was informed by Madhu that his conduct had changed, and that it was inappropriate. Arjun is concerned about Rajjo’s well-being. The Thakurs are now eating their breakfast. Under the table, Kalindi and Rocky are seen holding hands with each other.

Arjun is curious as to whether or not Rajjo had breakfast. He makes the decision to inquire by calling the hostel. He gets up. Arjun is prevented from continuing by Madhu, who argues that it is improper to wait so long before eating. Madhu inquires of Kalindi as to whether or not she has mentioned to the chef that she would not be eating lunch at home.

Kalindi says yes. She goes on to say that she is going to have lunch with pals in order to clear her head. Chirag taunts Kalindi. Since Madhu planned a jagrata, Kalindi receives a request from Madhu to go back home on time. She goes on to say that jarata would be of assistance in resolving the issues with the residence.

The family has a discussion over the jagrata preparations. Madhu is certain that Arjun and Urvashi should do the first aarti in order to ensure that their marriage will be trouble-free and, in the event that there are any complications, they would be resolved. Arjun had promised that he would not be late when he gets back to his house, and he is preparing to depart. Madhu makes Arjun sit back. Madhu recommends that Arjun not go somewhere and just relax at home.

She goes on to clarify that she is not going to give him permission to go and assist Rajjo under the guise of his having job to do. She says that she cannot function without him being in the room with her at all times. Arjun is in a problem. It’s clear that he is concerned about Rajjo, but he doesn’t want to cause his mother any more pain. At Pushkar’s residence, Manorama misses seeing Pushkar again.

Manorama approaches Kavita about locating Rajjo. Kavita assures her that she would assist in the search for her daughter. She begs Manorama to join her to the jagrata that her son-in-mother would host. law’s In the meanwhile, the warden presents Rajjo to a guy and requests that he abduct Rajjo before daylight. The dude agrees.