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When Manorama expresses interest in seeing Rajjo, Pushkar persuades her to postpone their encounter for one more day. On the other hand, Rajjo dashes outdoors in an attempt to catch up with Manorama before she departs.


Let’s experience the written update for the recent sequence of the unputdownable telecast Rajjo proclaimed on Monday, 19th September 2022. Manorama Becomes Hopeful is the moniker of the newly published episode number S1 E25.


The episode opens with Pushkar informing Arjun and the family that Rajjo’s mum has been discovered. He claims that while Kavita is supporting her mother, Arjun is assisting Rajjo. According to Kavita, Manorama was hurt on the road, so she brought her home and offered her a job. According to Pushkar, God wants them to reunite the mother and daughter.

He takes pride in discovering Manorama. He commends Arjun for assisting Rajjo. He informs them that Rajjo is no longer a concern since Manorama has been located. Rajjo tells Arjun how much she misses her mother and how concerned she is for her.

Arjun insults Madhu by equating Manorama to his mother. Pushkar interrupts Arjun and Manorama as they go to see Rajjo, claiming that Rajjo is hurt. Manorama queries Arjun as to what became of Rajjo. She claims to be hurt, but Arjun reassures her that she is fine.

Manorama needs her mother more now than Arjun wants to reunite her with Rajjo. In line with Arjun, Pratap. Pushkar, though, asserts that Rajjo is already in shock due to her injuries and won’t be able to take much more. Arjun counters that Rajjo would like the surprise.

Rajjo won’t be able to handle joy or grief in her situation, according to Pushkar, and it may make things worse. He tries to persuade Arjun to allow Manorama and Rajjo to meet the next day. When Pushkar’s family supports him, Arjun agrees. Pushkar coerces Manorama to consent.

Arjun pledged to Manorama that he would guard and support Rajjo at all times. He begs her to trust him. Manorama believes that the only person she can trust in this situation is Arjun. Pushkar tells Manorama that he will take care of both the mother and daughter when Rajjo regains consciousness.

In order for Rajjo to feel her mother’s presence with her, Arjun asks Manorama to give him the scarf. Manorama grants his request and gives him the scarf. Manorama vows to see Rajjo again when she recovers. Swarna informs Arjun that Rajjo’s room has changed.

“Where? ” asks Arjun. Kavita and Bunty search for their car’s driver. Pushkar irritates Manorama by attempting to disagree with his choice in front of Arjun and his family.

He tells her he’ll make Rajjo vanish. He claims she won’t get his money or a spot in his home. He claims that Rajjo is in the same state at Thakur’s residence. She is told never to come back, and he promises to send her and her daughter to the village.

Rajjo awakens in the meantime and cries out for his mother. She scans her surroundings and ponders her whereabouts. Because of his choice, Pushkar has Madhu in a rage. She wishes she hadn’t taken it.

Madhu has Urvashi’s support. She wants to back out of the marriage to Arjun since she has second thoughts about it. She asserts firmly that Urvashi will be Madhu’s daughter-in-law. As she gives the prasad to the family members, she wishes Rajjo would soon go as well.

Rajjo is stopped from falling by Arjun. He claims he’s sorry for leaving Rajjo at the hostel by herself and that he wouldn’t have if he knew she would be in danger there. Rajjo claims she is aware of this since she has complete confidence in him. Arjun gives Rajjo her mother’s scarf and expresses his regret for keeping her mother’s identity secret.

Pushkar reprimands Kavita in front of the home. After that, he yells at his driver on the phone. Here, a fragment of a broken bangle that is lodged in the scarf stabs Rajjo. She recognised it as the bracelet her mother had purchased for her.

She swears to Arjun and inquires as to the presence of her mother. According to Arjun, her mother has been located. Where is she, Rajjo queries. “Downstairs,” declares Arjun.

Rajjo rushes after her mother. Rajjo chases after Arjun. There, Manorama, Pushkar, and his family sat in the automobile. The automobile doesn’t get started.

According to Kavita, it might be a sign that they need to allow Manorama and Rajjo to meet. Kavita receives a reprimand from him and is told to be quiet. The automobile drives away from Thakur’s home. Rajjo notices Manorama seated in the vehicle.

While yelling for her mother, she chases the car. Rajjo chases after Arjun. Rajjo leaps into the rear of the vehicle. Manorama signals the driver to halt the automobile after seeing Rajjo.

Rajjo and Manorama reconnect. They embrace one another deeply. Pushkar glares at them as Arjun beams a smile their way. Rajjo describes how she looked everywhere for her.

They discuss how difficult it was for them to locate one another in an emotional exchange. Rajjo claims Arjun rescued her and returned her to him. Manorama thanks Arjun and folds her hands. Arjun said he is glad they are together since Rajjo won’t weep anymore in the future.