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An wounded Rajjo was making her way back to her village when she was stopped by Arjun, who assisted her with the care she needed. After some time has passed, Rajjo tells Manorama about settling down in Lucknow.


Learn the written update for the newly released sequence of the striking television broadcast Rajjo voiced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Rajjo to Start Afresh? is the label of the most recently released episode number S1 E26.


The first scene of the episode consists of Madhu searching for Rajjo and Arjun in the warehouse but being unable to locate them. She is left wondering where they have gone. In the meantime, Puskar has said that as soon as the mother and daughter have been reunited, he will begin making preparations to return them to their village. Manorama rejects Pushar’s offer of assistance and insists that she will go on her own. The sentiments expressed by Manorama are shared by Rajjo.

Arjun prevents Rajjo from leaving, citing her current health situation, which surprises Pushkar. Madhu reveals to Jhilmil that Arjun has undergone significant changes since Rajjo moved into this house. He became more belligerent in her presence and began to lie to his family as well as to Urvashi. She claims that she is terrified that others would make fun of her if it was discovered that Arjun had allowed a little girl to occupy his room. She is perplexed as to where Arjun and Rajjo have gone.

Here, Rajjo feels woozy. Rajjo assures me that she is doing well. Arjun reprimands Rajjo for her lack of self-care and expresses a desire to take her to the hospital as a result. Pushkar assures her that they will go to the hospital or clinic on the way there. Arjun, though, is certain that Rajjo will not be going anywhere.

He requests that Manorama convey to Rajo the message that it is detrimental to her health and safety to travel in the current state. He claims that he cannot accept that her life is in danger. While Pushkar is still fuming in anger, he drives Rajjo and Manorama back to their house. Kalindi informs Madhu that Arjun has arrived back at the house with Rajjo and Manorama. After entering the storage, Madhu discovers Arjun conversing with Rajjo and his mother.

Arjun observes Madhu. Arjun makes an effort to communicate with Madhu, but she storms out in a huff. Manorama convinces Arjun that his family is justified in their wrath, and as a result, she makes the decision to accompany Rajjo when he returns to the village the next day. She shows her appreciation for Arjun by touching his feet and expressing her thanks to him. According to Arjun, the mother should not bless her boys by touching their feet but rather place her hands on their heads.

He gives Manorama his word that everything is going to be all right. The statements of Arjun have Rajjo’s full confidence. Arjun enters the kitchen, where he finds Madhu furiously grinding several masalas. Arjun tells Madhu that they will discuss everything the following morning. He is leaving.

Urvashi and her mother had a conversation over Arjun’s assistance to Rajjo. Urvashi explains that she doesn’t want to risk losing Arjun by questioning him, which is why she keeps her mouth shut and asks her mother not to make a big deal out of the situation. She goes on to state that Arjun has always been kind to others, but she has never seen him feel restless over a woman. She is now wondering how she can salvage her love for Arjun and the future of their relationship. Manorama advises Rajjo not to run ever again since all that occurred directly resulted from her taking part in the running event held in the hamlet.

Rajjo shows Manorama Rajjo’s medal. Manorama rotates her head so that she is looking in the other direction. Manorama was told by Rajjo that she would not question her about the award. She claims that she presented this medal to Pushkar, which may have been why he could locate her so quickly. She wants Manorama to recount the tale of the medal whenever she thinks the timing is appropriate.

Running, according to her, is beneficial since it allows them to locate one another. Therefore, it is recommended. Manorama advises letting them flee in the direction of their village. She makes preparations to go and takes Rajjo with her. But Rajjo stops Manorama.

She claims that the whole night she was preoccupied with other thoughts. She claims that she wants to leave the world that Arjun inhabits but does not want to return to the village. Urvashi confronts Arjun over his seeming lack of concern for Rajjo after seeing him giving juice to Rajjo. Urvashi receives reassurance from Arjun that he will return Rajjo to her when she has recovered from her illness. Urvashi responds to Arjun by stating that she is unsure how she feels about it and by bringing up the fact that Arjun welcomed Rajjo back into his life after she had left it.

She begs him to sense her suffering and to stop the action he is now taking. Arjun elucidates the situation by stating that he is obtaining the juice for his mother. Urvashi is teasing Arjun since she is assuming he is talking about Manorama. Rajjo is attempting to explain to Manorama that since their village was destroyed in the flood, it is impossible for them to return there and continue living. She makes many arguments in favour of Manorama’s remaining in Lucknow.

Rajjo has expressed her desire to compete in a race, claiming that she wants to win a medal and make money. She claims that Arjun and Pushkar would assist them in whatever way they needed. Manorama puts an end to Rajjo’s ramblings and declares in a commanding tone that they will return to the village. However, Rajjo does not waver from her determination.