Rajjo 21st Sep Written Update β€” Rajjo’s Wedding Is Fixed

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When Arjun gives the outhouse to Rajjo and Manorama, the Thakurs are taken aback by the gesture. After some time has passed, Arjun is eventually astounded to discover that Rajjo has married Vicky.


Let us explore the written update for the newest installment of the riveting television broadcast Rajjo delivered on Wednesday, 21st September 2022. Rajjos Wedding Is Fixed is the label of the sweet episode number S1 E27.


At the beginning of the episode, Pushkar visits the Thakurs’ home to pick up Rajjo and Manorama so that he may take them back to the village. Because Rajjo wishes to make this area of India her permanent home, she begs Pushkar for assistance in locating work opportunities for both her and her mother. Rajjo is strongly encouraged by Pushkar to return to the village. Rajjo is certain and explains that she has made the decision to make Lucknow her permanent home.

She claims that her hamlet was wiped out by the flood and that she won’t be able to find work in this city. Pushkar claims that since she does not have an education, she would not be able to find job in Lucknow. Rajjo asserts that she is hard-working and has the resolve necessary to achieve her goal of becoming financially self-sufficient. Rajjo is reprimanded by Manorama for seeking Pushkar, and Manorama attempts to persuade Rajjo to come back to the village.

However, Rajjo does not waver from her determination. Pushkar’s intention is to frighten Rajjo by claiming that the climate in Lucknow is intolerably hot and that she won’t be able to survive there. According to Rajjo, she is able to withstand it since her skin is just as thick as his skin is. She requests that he locate a work opportunity for her.

Arjun gives Rajjo his word that he would find a job for her, but first he wants her to get well from her injuries. Arjun’s granddad shares Arjun’s viewpoint on the matter. Manorama and Rajjo fight about whether or not they should settle in Lucknow. Manorama claims that she has a valid cause to decline her request to participate in a certain activity.

In a furious response, Rajjo argues that she has never provided her with that explanation. She says it’s alright if she doesn’t want to tell her the story about the medal, but she can’t deny that she enjoys running; otherwise, she would have thrown the medal away a long time ago. She says it’s fine if she doesn’t want to tell her the story about the medal. Manorama is advised by Rajjo not to provide any reasons why she should alter her mind since this would not occur.

Arjun is confronted by Madhu regarding their prior agreement for Arjun to assist Rajjo in his job search. Chirag supports Arjun. Kalindi taunts Chirag. The family is taken aback when Arjun announces that he would let Rajjo and Manorama to reside in the out house once Rajjo begins earning money for the family.

Madhu is certain that they will not remain in their out home any longer. Urvashi reveals that she would be residing at the guesthouse till after their wedding and then inquires about her future living arrangements. Urvashi will be able to remain in their home, according to Arjun. Arguments arise between Arjun and his family.

He tells them that Madhu taught him to be compassionate and helpful to others, like Lord Ram, but that they are against him when he is attempting to do the same thing. Madhu taught him to be like Lord Ram. Madhu disparages the people of lower social classes and claims that they would not appreciate his charity and will instead trick him in return. After some time has passed, Rajjo hears from Arjun that he has secured employment for both Rajjo and her mother in the home of one of his friends.

This news fills Rajjo with joy. Rajjo has said that she does not want to spend her whole life engaged in manual labour. She has expressed the desire to accomplish a significant goal and make everyone, including Arjun, feel proud of her accomplishments. Arjun believes that staying on the correct course is the most essential thing, and he is certain that Rajjo will make the appropriate decision.

Manorama rejects Arjun’s employment offer. Rajjo inquires as to the rationale for her reluctance. When Madhu and Urvashi finally got there, they saw all of this. At that same moment, Nanku uncle and his grandson Vicky, both hailing from Rajjo’s hometown, make their way there.

Rajjo is delighted to make their acquaintance. Vicky is introduced to Arjun by Manorama, who explains that they have arrived to take the children back. According to Arjun, Rajjo is interested in finding job in Lucknow. Rajjo is another person who has decided against going back to the village.

According to Manorama, Rajjo is obligated to go back to the village since her wedding to Vicky has already been planned. Both Arjun and Rajjo are taken aback by this information. After enlisting Arjun’s assistance, according to Madhu, Rajjo was reunited with her biological mother and her new in-laws. Rajjo is questioned by Arjun on her judgement over the choice made by her mother.

Madhu steps in and advises that Arjun should stay out of Rajjo’s family business since it’s none of his business. She begs Arjun to give them some space so that they can have a conversation. Madhu and Urvashi depart. They cannot express how relieved they are that Rajjo has decided to depart both their home and Arjun’s life.

Urvashi receives confirmation from Madhu that she would one day be Arjun’s bride. When Vicky makes a statement that Rajjo’s T-shirt is too tight, it causes Arjun to get upset. After that, he takes Vicky away so that Rajjo may have a conversation with Manorama. He is certain that Rajjo would not consent to her marriage and he has high expectations that Rajjo will stand up for herself even against her mother if this becomes necessary.

Rajjo is uninterested in marrying Vicky. During this time, Arjun is having second thoughts about Vicky’s commitment to marrying Rajjo. He gets a phone call and steps away from the table to speak to the person. There, Rajjo gets into an argument with her mother about how she would never marry anybody.

She inquires as to the reason for her haste in getting her wedded. Manorama remembers Pushkar’s warning and admonishes Rajjo in a commanding manner, telling her that she must wed Vicky.