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As soon as Rajjo arrives at the cabin, he begins to have doubts about Vicky’s behavior. After some time has passed, Arjun becomes anxious over Rajjo’s unclear future with Vicky.


Let us explore the written update for the new sequence of the appealing TV series Rajjo provided on Monday, 26th September 2022. Rajjo’s Future Worries Arjun is the designation of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E31.


The episode begins with Manorama requesting Rajjo to help her make life with Vicky. She then informs him that his and Rajjo’s worlds are different and asks that he forget about Rajjo. She claims that if their meeting was a coincidence, their parting was fate. Manorama invites Rajjo to join her in the vehicle.

Rajjo and Arjun exchange heartfelt glances, reminiscing about their shared experiences. In the background, Zalima Kyu hai dooriyaan is heard. They each gaze at each other as they get into their particular automobiles. A female police officer sees Vicky driving away with a female.

He is suspicious of Vicky and takes his picture. Kalindi is now with Kavita. She expresses her rage at Madhu for disrespecting Kavita in front of everyone. She also complains about Madhu preferring Arjun over Chirag.

Kalindi sobs and says she did all she could to keep her relationship with Chirag alive, but she couldn’t. Kavita proposes that Kalindi have a second kid with Chirag to bridge the gap. Kalindi flatly rejects this. She claims she no longer loves him.

According to Kavita, Kalindi must preserve the connection for the sake of society. Rocky arrives and comes to a halt at the entrance when he sees Kavita and Kalindi. Kalindi notices Rocky. Kavita challenges Kalindi to decide between herself and her family.

Leaves of Kavita, Rocky conceals himself. Vicky takes Rajjo and Manorama to their cottage. He tells Rajjo that this is a beautiful spot where he used to hang out with his pals. Arjun, meanwhile, comes home.

Arjun confronts Madhu and explains why he is after Rajjo. She presents him with Urvashi’s nuptial chain. She urges him to wrap it around Rajjo’s neck and come to America with her, but first, she wants her final rituals performed. Arjun believes Madhu is a misunderstanding.

Madhu inquires about Arjun’s sentiments for Rajjo. Vicky claims that this is his second home in the city. He expresses a desire to retain Rajjo in the town after the wedding. Rajjo wonders where his true home is.

Vicky claims he’ll be staying here. He shows Rajjo a door and asks her to check out her new room. When Rajjo unlocks the door, he discovers a bathroom. Rajjo inquires about Vicky, who states that it is his second home but does not know where the rooms are.

Vicky is asked whether he is deceiving them. Vicky gets away with it by claiming that he did it to deceive Rajjo. Manorama tells Rajjo that Vicky will satisfy her. Vicky says the wedding may be held here.

His grandfather concurs with him. Rajjo believes that there is no reason to rush the wedding. Manorama remembers Pushkar’s remarks and advises them to have their wedding as soon as possible. Vicky and his grandpa both concur.

Rajjo tells Manorama that she doesn’t care about her opinion and that she isn’t Arjun to grasp her emotions. Madhu chastises Arjun for constantly lagging behind Rajjo. Arjun claims Rajjo was involved in an accident. He overheard everything over the phone and raced to their aid.

They are presently acceptable and have departed. Arjun’s thoughts are still behind Rajjo, despite what Madhu says. Arjun hugs Madhu and tells her this is not the case. He grins when he thinks about Rajjo.

He pulls away from the embrace. He praises the decoration. Arjun’s relative informs Madhu that he is bleeding. Madhu is concerned about Arjun’s bleeding wound.

Rajjo tells Manorama that she messed up with Arjun. Manorama claims that Rajjo’s rage will fade once she accepts her choice. She begs Rajjo to believe her. Manorama assists Rajjo in preparing for Shagun.

Rajjo describes how Arjun has always rescued and cared for her. After hearing the village women’s discourse, she said she believed the males, especially her father, were greedy, harsh, and deceptive. Arjun, on the other hand, is not like that. He is terrific on the inside and out. She sobs.