Pushkar’s Past Haunts Him β€” Rajjo 27th Sep Written Update

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When Pushkar visits Arjun in the hospital, a doctor there accuses him of ruining Manorama’s life and blames him for Arjun’s condition. In a later conversation, Arjun makes a commitment to Urvashi that he would always put her needs first in the future.


Let’s experience the written update for the revolutionary sequence of the delightful show Rajjo promulgated on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Pushkar’s Past Haunts Him is the moniker of the funky episode number S1 E32.


The episode begins with Arjun being treated in the hospital for his injuries. The doctor assures him that he will not feel any pain when administering an injection. He grins as he recalls Arjun’s concern for Rajjo on Facebook. Arjun believes he should stop worrying about Rajjo since she is content with her life and concentrate on Urvashi. He pulls out his phone to message her but cannot do so. Meanwhile, Rajjo awaits Arjun’s phone call/message.

Manorama appears and advises Rajjo to wear a black bangle in addition to his yellow bangles. Vicky, on the other hand, neglected to bring it. Rajjo’s buddy and her mother come just then to attend Rajjo’s wedding. They claim to have brought black bangles for Rajjo. Rajjo’s pal is thrilled to see her new phone and takes a photo with her. She then takes just Rajjo’s shot.

Rajjo notices the picture and warns her that if she transmits it to Arjun, he will pull her leg. Rajjo’s buddy inquires as to whom she is speaking. Rajjo says no one and requests that she return her phone. Her companion disagrees and insists on knowing who she is referring to. Arjun receives Rajjo’s picture by accident. Arjun notices Rajjo’s photograph.

Madhu, Chirag, Pushkar, and Kavita are hospitalized. Chirag reassures Madhu that Arjun is okay and hands her a water bottle. Madhu expresses her delight at seeing Chirag carrying out his older brother’s responsibilities. Pushkar tells Madhu that it’s good that Arjun received a minor injury and was rescued from significant danger. Madhu believes Rajjo is the greatest threat, and it is for the best that she has gone. Pushkar gets a phone call and steps away to discuss.

The doctor invites Madhu and Chirag to see Arjun. They thank him and go. The doctor recognized Pushkar as the same guy who brought a pregnant Manorama to him. Chirag notices Arjun gazing at Rajjo’s picture and calls out to him to warn him. Arjun quickly conceals his phone before Madhu notices Rajjo’s picture on it. Madhu informs Arjun that the doctor has said that he is well.

Arjun makes a joke about wanting to dance during his pre-wedding ceremony. Chirag asks if he is certain, if he is not in agony, referring to his heart. Arjun declares that he does not want any more agony and slips his phone into his pocket. Meanwhile, Pushkar is confronted by the doctor. He claims that Pushkar brought a pregnant Manorama to him years ago to perform an abortion on her without her knowledge. He claims to have looked for Manorama and discovered she is an athlete.

He chastises Pushkar for damaging Manorama’s life. He shoves him aside and goes away. Arjun and Kavita see this and ask Pushkar why the doctor is so nasty to him. Pushkar claims that the doctor acted this way because he refused to contribute to his facility. Pushkar believes Manorama and Rajjo are haunting him and that it is a good thing he let Vicky handle them. Vicky notices Rajjo chatting to her buddy and is pleased that she is gaining money through trafficking Rajjo.

Meanwhile, the police inspector looks up Vicky’s picture in their database and discovers that he is a wanted criminal traffics in women. He claims he could not click the vehicle number where Vicky went, but he did click the other car picture number. He requests that the policeman get information on the automobile. Vicky intends to traffic Rajjo and displays her to his pals. Arjun returns downstairs to prepare for his Tilak ceremony. Arjun sees Urvashi and realizes he should stop doing wrong to her.

He removes Rajjo’s picture from his phone. He compliments Urvashi on her good looks. He apologizes to Urvashi for hurting her and swears to think exclusively about them. He poses for a selfie with Urvashi. Meanwhile, Vicky takes a photograph of himself and Rajjo. Manorama requests that Rajjo smile.

Rajjo tries to grin. Arjun dances with the family members here, and Madhu is pleased to see him happy. Rajjo hears the sound of an automobile horn. She believes Arjun has arrived and rushes to meet him. She envisions Arjun. She feels sad when she discovers it is all in her head. She expresses her need for Arjun. Manorama notices this. Arjun grins as he thinks about Rajjo. He longs for her.