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Get the written update for the just out scene of the provocative show Rajjo aired on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. Arjun, Urvashi’s Engagement is the subtitle of the trend-setting episode number S1 E7.


Arjun and Urvashi’s engagement ceremony is enjoyed by the Thakurs. Meanwhile, Pushkar apprehends Rajjo as she attempts to flee the Thakur home.


Urvashi begins the episode by dancing on Itna cosmetics lagake. Aayi sabki baraatein. . . .

Rajjo observes. The family joins them in the dance. Arjun cuddles and dances with Madhu. Rajjo notices them and sobs. Mannu comes to mind.

Tujhsa yahan ki nahi. . . entertains. .

. Rajjo flees and goes into hiding. Urvashi receives the present from Madhu. Arjun’s father invites Chirag and Kalindi to the shaman rite. Arjun embraces Chirag.

Madhu becomes enraged. Chirag receives the shagun from her. Pushkar is kind to his wife, Kavita. Mukund takes a step back. His wife questions why she usually plays with Sia, Kalindi, and Chirag’s kid.

Ge chastises her. She sobs. Urvashi insists on Arjun wearing the ring. Rajjo smiles as he watches. Everyone applauds.

Rajjo claps as well. Arjun notices the ring. He appeared befuddled. He tosses the ring. The ring falls and lands on Rajjo.

Arjun leaves to retrieve the ring. What’s going on here, he believes, is the same unpleasant stench. He doesn’t notice Rajjo. He selects the ring. She runs away from him.

He believes the foul odour is on its way, as though Rajjo had arrived. He leaves. “Did you get the ring? ” Yes, Arjun responds, but it slipped from his grasp. According to Dada ji, it occurs when both the mind and the heart are stubborn.

Arjun claims that it must listen to me since I live in reality, not a dream. Rajjo says a prayer. Arjun insists on Urvashi wearing the ring. Everyone applauds. Arjun notices Rajjo.

He believes there is no one. They’re all doing the London Thumakda. Rajjo attempts to flee. Pushkar notices her and requests that she stop. She becomes terrified.

He chastises her and orders her to perform her duties. The lights turn on. Everyone applauds. Rajjo flees the scene. Arjun inquires as to why you are standing here.

Pushkar replies, “Your servant was here, and she was dressed shabbily. Arjun believes there is no such person. Urvashi yells. Arjun inquires, “Are you all right? ” She claims we have 5 million social media followers.

“Congratulations, Urvashi,” says Arjun. Urvashi suggests we take a family photo and upload it. They take a family photograph. Rajjo weeps and prays that Arjun may always be happy with Urvashi. Urvashi invites Arjun to accompany her to a corner.

Rajjo adds, “I want to locate my mother; I don’t want to stay here; why are they coming this way? ” Arjun asks Urvashi to say something. Rajjo returns to Arjun’s room. Urvashi transports Arjun to his room. He asks her to say something.

She continues, “I have a question for you; please answer it here. ” He inquires as to what you desire. She expresses her congratulations on our engagement. She tells him not to be shy because there is no one else here. Rajjo says he’s arrived, a kiss before marriage.

. . Madhu dials Arjun’s number. Arjun adds, “Note down your requests; I will present them to you after marriage; my mother is ringing, and I must depart. ” Urvashi claims that Madhu does not forget Arjun for a second, and that I must accompany Arjun.

She dials a number. Rajjo is fast asleep. Arjun visits Madhu. She recalls a cement platform here when this kitchen was simpler. He recalls calling you Maa for the first time.

Yes, Chirag was older, but you called me Maa first. You were mischievous, and you were constantly with me. He claims you phoned to speak with me. Yes, she replies, you always ask me for anything or anything. I got used to it.

I was saying, you don’t take my job after your marriage. She sobs. He inquires as to what you are saying. “I know you’re my nice son, you won’t forget me,” she responds, but love divides after marriage, and a son begins to call his wife, rather than his mother, “Don’t forget me. ” He holds her and comforts her.

He claims that you are my mother, that you brought me into this world, and that you have had a significant part in my life. Arjun enters his room and converses with Urvashi. He doesn’t notice Rajjo. He gets the same foul odour again. Urvashi claims that I now have a right to you because we got half-married today.

To be sure, he sniffs his socks. She adds, “I’ve prepared a plan to run away with you; we’ll go to a spot where only the two of us will be there. ” attempt to comprehend. He goes through his cupboards and bathrooms. She inquires whether you are paying attention.

Yes, he adds, the phone’s battery is running low. She says, “Charge it, and we’ll go on a jungle safari. ” He double-checks his suitcase. He is taken aback when he sees Rajjo and exclaims, “What? ”