Yeh Hai Chahatein β€” Rudraksh’s Shocking Move 26th Sep Written Update

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Kalindi is too terrified of Armaan to admit the truth, so she says that she is carrying Raj’s kid even though she is really pregnant. On the other hand, Rudraksh guarantees that Raj will end up marrying Kalindi.


Check the written update for the fresh episode of the interesting serial Rudraksh’s Shocking Move telecasted on Monday, 26th September 2022. Yeh Hai Chahatein is the tag of the most recently released episode number S2 E695.


The episode starts with Preesha informing Kalindi that they have discovered she is pregnant. Kalindi claims she is not pregnant. Preesha recounts how she checked on Kalindi after she fainted. She notifies Rudraksh that Kalindi is expecting a child.

They believe Kalindi acts this way because of her spouse or lover. He looks at Kalindi’s phone. They believe Veer to be Kalindi’s lover. He phones Vidyut and requests that he locate Veer.

He sends Veer information. Vidyut phones Veer and possess as a courier to get Veer’s address. He eventually arrives at Veer’s residence. He informs him that the latter will be imprisoned.

Veer inquires as to what he accomplished. Vidyut tells him that his ex-girlfriend lied to the police about her abuse. Veer informs him that he does not comprehend what the latter is saying. He requests that he leave home.

Vidyut binds him with the chair. Preesha tells Kalindi they are also aware of the latter’s boyfriend, Veer. She claims Veer gave them the whole truth. Kalindi claims she does not have a boyfriend.

Rudraksh assures her that the latter will confess shortly. He shows her the Vidyut and Veer videos. Kalindi is concerned about Veer. A police officer stops Armaan from entering Kalindi’s room.

Kalindi is in danger, according to Armaan. The police inspector informs him that no one has entered the room. Armaan announces to him that someone has entered the room. They walked into the room.

Preesha inquires as to what Armaan is doing there. Armaan examines what she is doing there. He informs her about Pihu’s deception. He claims he came because he was concerned about them.

He inquires as to what Kalindi is doing there. Raj never molested Kalindi, she claims. She claims that Kalindi is being used to frame Raj. Rudraksh informs Kalindi that she must confess the truth.

Armaan hoped Kalindi would not use his name. Kalindi believes she planned to prepare Vidyut, but now that Vidyut is assisting Rudraksh and Raj, she is powerless to intervene. She thinks she is unable to accept Armaan’s name. She claims she did all this because she was pregnant with Raj’s kid.

Vidyut inquires from Veer as to what Kalindi is saying. Veer believes Kalindi is getting into danger. Armaan applauds Kalindi’s concept. Raj, according to Kalindi, wanted to end their relationship and advised her to abort the child.

Rudraksh chuckles as he hears her. He believes it is excellent news. He instructs her to withdraw her complaint. He informs her that he will arrange for their marriage.

Vanshika and Pihu arrive. Preesha explains to Rudraksh how Kaveri framed him. Preesha reflects on the past. She informs Pihu that she has recalled everything.

Rudraksh is comforted when he hears her. Veer chooses to drive Vidyut to the hotel. Rudraksh brings up Kaveri purposefully before Preesha.