Saavi Ki Savaari 14th Sep Written Update β€” Sonam deceives Saavi

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Dimpy Vedika Shivam Shivam lost her ring while putting on dresses and other stuff. She left the ring on because she felt constricted and thought you’d understand. Ananya tells Saavi they won’t bring CP to Sonam’s sasural. Chattriprasad handled everything, said Saavi. Sonam tells Nityam. Sonam removes Shivam’s ring and vows to care for Radhe Shyam Verma. Saavi tells her to pay attentive and they’ll find the solution. Sonam tells him she removed Saavi’s ring and repaired his mistake. He smiled and said he’d check with PS. Dimpy says her eyes show anxiety and concern despite her efforts to seem pleasant. She wonders whether you’ll be his delight or an instrument for revenge. Saavi’s speechless. Nityam contacts the Inspector after hearing her. She wants him to notice Sonam’s eyes.


Learn the written update for the newly released scene of the beautiful serial Saavi Ki Savaari delivered on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Sonam deceives Saavi is the pseudonym of the most recently released episode number E21.


Sonam thinks she has neglected to remove Shivam’s ring at the beginning of the episode. Nityam queries Sonam about it. Sonam chastises Saavi and queries if Chattriprasad’s mental state is similar to Saavi’s. She claims the ring was left on her finger while we were trying on gowns and other items, and she failed to remove it. Saavi is aware of her deceit.

Remove it, advises Vedika. Sonam attempts to take it off while berating Saavi for forcing her to wear a small-sized ring. She requests that she remove it. Saavi approaches Sonam and inquires as to why she lied. Sonam claims that she chose your name because she felt confined and knew you would understand.

Dimpy claims that there is a disagreement between the sisters. Sorry, Saavi explains, the ring was unable to be removed. Make her wear the ring on the same finger, Vedika suggests, no problem. Sonam is forced to wear the ring by Nityam. Everybody applauds.

The curls fall close to Saavi after coming loose from her finger. According to Dimpy, if your ring slips off your finger and doesn’t fit properly, marriage may not be a good match for you. According to Nityam, someone becomes fixated on the name of marriage like you. He mocks Dimpy. Nityam receives the ring from Saavi.

Once again, Nityam forces Sonam to wear the ring. Everybody applauds. Dada Ji orders them to snap the pictures. They snap the photos. Saavi considers what Sonam Didi is thinking.

Ananya informs Saavi that they won’t bring CP to Sonam’s sasural the next time. This is Chattriprasad, claims Saavi. Ratna claims that the engagement was seriously messed up. Nutan questions Saavi about where she obtained the pricey jewelry that Sonam had Nityam wear. Saavi recalled robbing Moni Rakshas of money, mortgaging Chattriprasad with him, and promising in writing that she would not get married until she returned the money.

FB closes. According to Saavi, Chattriprasad took care of everything. Nutan leaves. Shivam sends a video message to Sonam, informing her that he wants to announce their engagement to the whole world. After witnessing the footage, Sonam yells that she wants more time.

When Saavi arrives, she is confronted with her falsehoods. Your happiness counts to us if you love him, she adds, adding that there is another person in your life whose ring you are wearing. Sonam calls Saavi a betrayer, a cheapskate, and a blackmailer. According to her, Radhe Shyam Verma, She claims that he forced me to wear the ring and threatened to destroy my reputation if I disobeyed. She claims that if this occurred, my relationship with Nityam would end.

Saavi invites her to pay attention and assures her that they will discover the answer. She claims that if we don’t speak out, the police will assist us. She claims that we may use his assistance because Mr. Dalmia wasn’t told. Sonam successfully removes Shivam’s ring, declares that her future with Nityam is important, and promises that she will take care of Radhe Shyam Verma.

Vedika instructs Nityam to visit the police station for passport verification if he wants to go on his honeymoon. Nityam claims that you are already arranging your honeymoon. Sonam relays to him the information that she removed the ring and fixed Saavi’s error. He is wearing his ring in the photo she sent. He grinned and informed Vedika that he would visit PS for confirmation.

Your customer is excellent, according to Vedika. Sonam considers his reasons for not responding to the communication. Don’t worry, you and the ring both look excellent, Nityam writes in a message. According to Sonam, Nityam is not angry with her since she is still a ways off from being Mrs. Dalmia.

She is not in any photos, Dimpy informs Himesh. This is your earring, according to Himesh. According to Dimpy, Nityam made sure that my picture wasn’t taken. She wants him to look at the photo and notice Sonam’s eyes. He claims I am.

. . Dimpy claims that despite her desire to be cheerful, fear and concern can be seen in her eyes. What is she concealing, she claims? She asks whether you’ll be his source of joy or if you’ll be a tool I can use to get vengeance on Nityam.

While driving, Saavi thinks back to Sonam’s fabrication that the college librarian was bothering her. The traffic cop pulls her over for disregarding the light, but instead of demanding payment, he claims Shrivastav would reprimand him. When Saavi decides to see Inspector Shrivastav, When Nityam visits the PS, he encounters Chattriprasad there. He believes he is always observing it. Nityam’s assistant advises him to wait since Inspector Shrivastav is occupied with his prospective sister-in-law.

According to Nityam, he won’t wait for her. Shrivastav queries Saavi: what is the issue? Saavi informs the Inspector that the situation involves her Didi Sonam Goel and requests that he keep it a secret since she is now engaged. After hearing her, Nityam calls the Inspector. Saavi is in awe.