Saavi Ki Savaari 20th Sep Written Update β€” Sonam tricks Saavi

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While Sonam and her mother are getting ready to depart for the resort, Sonam’s mother gives her the ceremonial Alta. Sonam beguiles Saavi into carrying out the ritual so that she may avoid ruining her manicure, and then she submerges her palm in the Alta. Will Saavi share this information with her mother?


Get to know the written update for the current chapter of the blessed TV broadcast Saavi Ki Savaari delivered on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Sonam tricks Saavi is the caption of the new episode number E26.


This first segment features Saavi was concerned about how she would manage to get the necessary funds for Sonam’s upcoming wedding. She informs Ananya that a client left his wallet in her car and that she had to give it back to him the next day. She is reminded of the day when Shivam misplaced his wallet. Ananya reveals to her that she thought Dalmias were interesting. She claims that she and Nityam did not have a lot of conversation, but Thasu complimented him quite a bit.

She asks her if the other person is not Nityam’s friend on any of the social media platforms. Saavi explains to her that she and Nityam simply cannot be friends with one another. In the meantime, Nityam becomes aware of Saavi’s presence on social media. That is not lost on Thasu. She explains to him that Saavi is a very admirable person since she is taking care of her family while operating a motor vehicle.

She claims that Saavi and Vedika had a strong relationship with one another. She begins by stating that Saavi is a role model for a lot of different women and then moves on from there. He is certain that everyone has lost their minds. The next morning, Saavi brings the pupils to the school. She witnesses the cops taking Shivam into custody.

She decides to approach him. Shivam reassures her that he has not acted inappropriately in any way. Saavi protects Shivam. The officer informs her that he has evidence that may be used against Shivam. Shivam informs Saavi that they are stating that he mixed something in the food that was served in the campus cafeteria, and as a result, several students are now being treated in the intensive care unit.

The police then take him away after asking him to demonstrate his innocence in court and then taking him away. She can’t help but wonder who is attempting to catch Shivam. In the meantime, Sonam reports to Ratna that they were successful in capturing Shivam. She said that when Ratna is with her, she is not afraid of anything that could happen. There is a visit by Nutan.

In order to carry out the ritual, she inquires about the alta from Ratna. Sonam directs her to inquire with Saavi. When Nutan thinks of Sonam’s bidaai, she finds herself becoming upset. According to her, bidaai is without alta, which makes it insufficient. She tells Sonam that they just have an hour, so she wants her to get dressed.

Vedika, on the other hand, is harsh with the staff. She then requests that they investigate Nityam and Sonam’s horoscopes. Nityam questions her about what happened. She informs him that there are no horoscopes in the room. He reminds her that he has previously said that he doesn’t believe in horoscopes and that she should take it to heart.

She gives him a reprimand. She assures him that the marriage will be conducted in accordance with all of the traditional rites. She claims that she is willing to pay any price in order to get the horoscopes. She expresses her regret to him. He looks at the many horoscopes.

He assures her that her desires will be carried out exactly as she wants them to be. He unearths horoscopes, and then he presents them to her as gifts. She breaks into a grin upon witnessing that. Dimpy receives a pen drive from Himesh. The distraught Nutan is comforted by Saavi.

Alta is something she makes. Nutan sheds some tears because she is homesick for her hubby. She is informed by Saavi that he is there with them. They pray or recite rituals within the home. Sonam is urged by Nutan to accept the benefits of God.

Sonam takes the elders’ blessings. Nutan goes to get alta. They hear the sound of the automobile horn that belongs to Nityam. Saavi informed her family that she would be arriving at the wedding location at a later time. Nutan offers alta to Sonam.

Sonam coerces Saavi to carry out the tradition in order to preserve her manicure. She flees from the location. Saavi was horrified to see her hand.