Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd Sep Written Update β€” Nityam is rescued by Saavi

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Krishna wonders whether Shivam’s Goel is going to marry Nityam Dalmia. Ratna panics when she sees Saavi striding ahead of her while lugging all of the luggage. Sonam explains to her friend Vedika that she just cannot miss the puja. Sonam shares with Ratna that she cheated on her Kundali. Saavi claims Didi was kidding.


Let us explore the written update for the original episode of the pleasurable television broadcast Saavi Ki Savaari provided on Thursday, 22nd September 2022. Saavi rescues Nityam is the designation of the up-to-date episode number E28.


At the beginning of the episode, Krishna wonders whether or not Shivam’s Goel is going to marry Nityam Dalmia. Dimpy arrives there and tells them that they are celebrating Nityam Dalmia’s wedding. Krishna speculates that there are a great number of Sonam goels in the city. Ratna tells Sonam that she will be terrified until the day she marries Nityam and leaves this place.

Sonam explains to Ratna that neither Saavi nor Nityam’s Jodi nor their class matches When Ratna sees Saavi striding ahead of her while lugging all of the luggage, she can’t help but crack a grin. When Ratna looks around the room, she is taken aback by the plush cushions. The beautician is now straightening Sonam’s hair. Ratna has asked Sonam to communicate with her in-laws and request that they employ someone to pinch When she sees a variety of dried fruits and juice, she becomes excited.

She inquires as to the cause of Nutan’s joy. Nutan claims that she is experiencing unusual feelings and claims that Nityam’s family is spending an excessive amount of money when we are not. Ratna asks the parlour girl. The young lady asserts that she is a hair and makeup crew member.

Ratna inquires about the amount of her income. The girl utters the number 40,000. Ratna estimates that this will cover our costs for the next two to three months and outlines what we have available to spend in front of them. Sonam argues that Mami is correct; we Dalmias can spend this much money, so why are you getting worked up over it?

Ratna gives Sonam a glance and explains, “Dalmia is not a name that we often use for you. ” Sonam encourages her to develop a routine. Saavi has arrived there and informed everyone that they have requested that we prepare for the Kundali puja. According to Nutan, we should not make people wait.

Ratna asks what puja? According to Saavi, they perform a particular puja of the kundalis in order to read the nakshatras and other information. Ratna panics. Nutan inquires about what transpired.

Sonam explains to her friend Vedika that she cannot miss the puja because of the essential photo session and requests that the ceremony be cancelled. She informs Nutan that she has noticed that since her kundali matched with the wealthy people, she has felt that she does not need God’s blessings. She also reminds her that anyone who can give can also take due to ego. Saavi claims Didi was kidding.

Don’t save Sonam, Nutan advises. She reveals to Sonam that she would take the name Goel before getting married and encourages Sonam to take after Vedika in terms of morality. She tells them to meet her at the door in ten minutes and tells her not to refer to Vedika as Aunty. Vedika converses with Mahant and informs him that Bahu’s family is on their way.

Nityam informs Maa that she will see her in one minute. Sonam and Ratna are among the people who are now making their way toward the location of the kundali puja. When Krishna arrives there, Nityam summons him and reprimands him for being late before asking him to deliver hot Kada on a tray. After that, Krishna brings the kada in the tray.

Nutan inquires about what transpired. According to Nityam, the two types of individuals he despises the most are those who are lazy and refuse to work and those who lie. During the pooja, Sonam and Nityam are seated. Sonam thinks back to the day she cheated and looks at her Kundali.

Saavi notices her tension. Vedika sneezes again. Dimpy informs Himesh that they are unable to halt the dhamaka that occurred during sangeet despite the ongoing puja. Himesh has told me that you would be the first phool Jadi to perform an atom bomb detonation.

Sonam is concerned and believes it seems as if someone has me tied to a bonfire and will end my life. Ratna is under the impression that she won’t allow anything bad to happen. Mahant Ji explains that he would begin by verbally reading the kundalis and then go on to read the mantras. Ratna believes that she must take action to prevent Sonam’s secret from being revealed.

She requests an asthma attack and begs Sonam to inquire about taking ten minutes off work with Pandit Ji. Mahant Ji instructs them to return in ten minutes. Sonam shares with Ratna that kundalis may be destroyed in the havan when everyone else departs. She causes the kundalis to collapse into the flames of the havan.

Vedika appreciates Saavi as she brings kada for her. Nutan reveals that Nityam travelled to get a unique tea variety for Brijesh. Vedika thinks Nityam is emotional. Ananya demonstrates the video to Saavi and mentions that it is receiving a significant number of views.

Saavi requests that the film be played once again so that he may see the burning havan kund. As she rushes, she ends up crashing into Nityam. She explains to him how the kundalis are being burned in the havan kund. Nityam races there while thinking about what Vedika had said and attempting to remove the kundalis that had just partially burned off the havan.

Saavi reaches that location and calls out, “Mr. Dalmia. ” Everyone learns about the fire that was in the puja room from Ananya. When Saavi notices that Nityam’s shawl is beginning to catch fire, she uses her hands to start the blaze.

Nityam makes an effort to shove Saavi, and as they spin around together, the curtains end up rolling over them. song plays. . . mere Maula. . . .. Nityam pulls back the curtain and casts a furious glance in Saavi’s direction. Everyone gets there in the end. Vedika, Nutan, and a few other people visit, and they all gaze at Nityam.

Vedika asks whether he is fine. Nityam reports that he is doing well. Dimpy informs Sonam that Saavi is always there for Nityam anytime the latter is in peril, whether it be that stormy night or today. Sonam acknowledges that she was wrong and then proceeds to Saavi.