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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently released webisode of the pleasurable television broadcast Sam in the House telecasted on Friday, 05 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Channa Mereya is the subtitle of the ahead of the game episode number S1 E25.


Sam pretends to be Aditya’s friend when he pays the Singhs a visit. She makes an unspoken proposal to him. Shailaja observes Sam in Aditya’s room at night.


You are Adi’s friend, so Darji informs Sam that you will remain here. Sharja is asked to show the woman a room. Sam thanks Darji and then departs. Adi and Armaan depart as well.

Adi is questioned by Armaan regarding Sam. Adi says, “I’m not sure, but she’ll be residing here. “I wish I had papa’s diary with me so I could try new recipes,” Ginni says to Gulabo. You’ll find a way, according to Gulabo.

She requests that she bring their utensils back from Darji’s house. I’ll go there shortly because Ginni says those people are so disrespectful. Where is Goldie, Ginni enquires? He must be losing money somewhere else, according to Dimpy.

When Jagga arrives, he declares, “I am here to recoup my loan. ” Ginni hands him the check and informs him that he will soon receive 1. 5 lacs. Jagga claims that you folks should be grateful that Ginni is a member of your family because she keeps her word and called to collect my payment.

He orders Ginni to stop making sacrifices for her relatives. Ginni claims that I must do it. Jagga bows and walks away. Amber explains to Supreet that Adi brought his girlfriend despite knowing the value of our relationship with Chimas.

Supreet reports that Adi claimed they were just friends. Amber claims that they didn’t appear to be friends only. Supreet promises that I will learn more about this girl; just unwind. Alicia nods.

Sharja explains to her husband that the girl didn’t only resemble Adi’s friend. We must ascertain what is occurring between them. He claims, “I don’t care about any of this. When Sharja enters the kitchen, she observes Sam leaving for Adi’s room.

In fear that they will now question our relationship, she hides in his room. Sharja claims that they don’t appear to be just friends. Ginni informs Gulabo that I’ll go find Goldie. Ginni queries where Goldie was when he returned home.

She brings him water. Gulabo wonders: where did he go? “Simran is in the city, but I can’t find her,” Goldie claims, adding that I went looking for her. Ginni claims that because your heart is sincere, she will return to you. Yes, according to Goldie, she will contact me again soon. Sam is getting ready for breakfast in the morning. What are you doing? “Adi asks when he arrives there.

You are not this family’s daughter-in-law. But I can become one, “Sam says. Will you wed me? Don’t ever say that again, advises Adi.

Adi arrives at Ginni’s home and grabs her utensils as they are about to fall. Adi then holds them for Ginni. I don’t need your help, Ginni claims. Adi tosses them and remarks that he should never have offered assistance to you before leaving.

Sam believes that I need to win Supreet over to my cause in order for us to wed. Adi is fortunate to have a mother like you, she claims. I will do my best to bridge the gap between you and Adi, and I wish you could be my mother as well. Supreet thanks you.

Armaan mentioned that you may have unpleasant memories of this city. Sam claims that this city causes people to part ways. Ginni walks inside the house but misses Sam. When Darji asks Akash to let him eat sweets, Akash replies, “You can’t eat this.” When Adi arrives, he overhears them conversing. Darji claims that I am too young to even consume sweets. Adi gives them a smile. Sharja receives a gift from Sam.”Thank you; this is lovely,” says Sharja. You don’t need to be shy around me because I saw you entering Adi’s room last night, and I’m modern. Adi is in the kitchen, so let’s go see him. In the kitchen, Adi is preparing something sweet.

Adi is questioned by Armaan as to what Sam is thinking. After getting a call, Armaan departs. Ginni is heading to the dining room. For cooking, Adi uses nitrogen. When Ginni arrives, she notices smoke and assumes a fire has broken out. She rushes to save Adi but trips over herself. They both collapsed. Sam arrives and sees Ginni there. She runs away from her.