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Get the written update for the most recently published story of the enticing show Sanjog broadcast on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Zee TV. Amrita and Gauri are Pregnant is the tag of the freshly published episode number E 7.


Amrita will become a mother, according to the doctor. Gauri, on the other side, finds out that she is expecting. Alok and Rajeshwari discuss making a new beginning. She discusses placating Amrita with Rajiv.


The episode begins with Pradhaan’s thugs searching for Gopal and Gauri. They enter the doctor’s chamber and inquire about them, but she lies and says she hasn’t seen Gauri or her family while they are there. The doctor reassures Gopal that everything is alright as the thugs leave the area. They emerge from their hiding place and express their appreciation for the doctor.

The doctor grins as Gopal promises to give her a priceless present. While the doctor reviews Gauri’s records and informs her that she is pregnant, he pampers her. Gopal is delighted, but when Gauri hears the news, she is horrified. Gopal attempts to make her feel better as she becomes agitated.

She declares that pregnancy would be a barrier for her and that all she wants is to be as wealthy as Amrita. Here, Gopal feeds Gauri while attempting to persuade her. She also predicts that they will leave their home and settle elsewhere where they can retrieve what they have stolen. Gauri is reprimanded by Gopal’s mother for her actions and told to stop trying to be like Amrita.

She asks her to manage her children and concentrate on their lives. Rakshita keeps Rakshita away from his family when she visits Amrita. He attempts to stop her, but she refuses and claims to care about Amrita as well. Rajeshwari arrives in the meantime and questions her about who informed her about Amrita.

She becomes confused, but Rajeev protects her by inventing an alibi that he told her about Amrita’s condition. In another location, Kotharis enters the cabin with Alok and Rakshita to take care of Amrita. Rakshita unexpectedly puts her hand in front of Rajeev as she awakens and extends it in his direction. She acts as if Amrita is a problem when Alok invites her to go with him.

Amrita remembers the flashes of Rajeev’s choice as he declares that she would remain with him. Amrita sheds a tear as she thinks back to Rajeev’s choice and decides to follow Alok. In the meantime, Rajeshwari requests that Rajeev move Rakshita away from the location, claiming that it is a family problem. Rakshita is also made fun of by Ranjini, who tells her to leave the area.

The latter turns to face Rajeev and smiles at him before turning and walking away. Amrita tries to stand up in front of the doctor, who asks her to remain in bed. Rajeshwari asks him to share the good news after he claims there is one piece of good and one piece of terrible news for her. He informs Amrita that she is expecting a child and wishes her well.

Everyone is taken aback and exults in the joy. Alok declares that Amrita will stay with him, but Rajeshwari interrupts and says they will keep her. Amrita hugs Rajeev and tells him that their child will arrive soon. As he is holding her, Rakshita sends him a message saying how delighted she is to be with him.

He exits the cabin after running into a problem. Alok and Rajeshwari sit together as she persuades him to let Amrita remain with them. The doctor informed the patient that the pregnancy would be challenging and requested assistance in caring for Amrita. Assuring him, Rajeshwari expresses happiness at the news of their successor.

Rajeev is also reminded by Rajeshwari about the battle he had with them to marry Amrita, and she counsels him to make amends with her. While Alok enters Amrita’s cabin and inquires about her happiness, he nods in understanding of her concern. She gives him a teary-eyed stare as he claims he can relate to her suffering. He declares that Rajeev’s remarks on divorce were significant and guarantees that he would always back her in whatever choice she makes.