Gauri and Amrita both pass out at once β€” Sanjog | 29 Aug

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the up-to-date webisode of the congenial television broadcast Sanjog propagated on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Zee TV. Gauri and Amrita both pass out at once is the designation of the all-new episode number E6.


Both Amrita and Gauri pass out at the same exact moment.


Rajeev admits to Amrita that he no longer loves her and declares, “I now want freedom from you. ” We’re all shocked. Don’t say that, advises Amrita; we can fix the errors. “No,” Rajeev asserts, “our connection and I are done. I desire a divorce.

Everyone who hears that is surprised. From there, Rajeev departs. Amrita pursues him after all. Lakshita drives up to the home and gets out. Amrita begs Rajeev to not punish her in this way as she sobs in pain.

It’s not a punishment, Rajeev claims; I’m just sick of witnessing your desire for a child. At the very least, listen, advises Alok. Amrita claims she won’t pray for a baby if you don’t want one. Why did you just say all this? I’ve been trying to preserve this relationship, but all you care about is a child, says Rajeev.

Amrita claims that because of you, everything in my life is focused on you. However, I am unable to be with you at this time, according to Rajeev. I desire a divorce. Alok attempts to halt him. Amrita remembers him telling her he wanted a divorce when she was in disbelief.

Suddenly dizzy, she collapses. Alok and Rajeev run to help her. She is being held by Rajeev, who begs her to awaken. I’ll bring the car, according to Alok. She is placed in Alok’s automobile while being held in Rajeev’s arms.

Lakshita notices everything. Gauri abruptly passes out as Gopal, her family, and the gang flee from them. Gopal runs over to her and pleads, “Would you please wake up? ” He requests that his mother go with the children. Gauri is concealed in the bushes by Gopal, so the thugs won’t see her.

Amrita is taken to the hospital by Rajeev and Alok. She is brought into the medical facility. Alok yells at Rajeev, warning him that if anything happens to his sister, he won’t be spared. Rajini and Maa Sa also visited there. Alok claims Rajeev teased her with too many spits.

Amrita is still our daughter-in-law, according to Maa Sa, so let’s put an end to this argument and focus on what’s best for her. Rajeev is asked to back off by her. Gauri is brought to the clinic by Gopal. If she’s eaten anything, the doctor queries. Angered, Gopal declares that she is his queen.

She is given excellent care. He begs Gauri to open her eyes only once. He yells to the doctor to revive her. He is told to calm down as the doctor examines him. Maa Sa is told by Alok that you people are hypocrites because you only view Amrita as a machine for producing children, but if something happens to Amrita, I won’t spare you.

We’re all with Amrita, according to Sanjay. Rajini tells Maa Sa that she was right to request an heir because he has two children who can inherit the family home. Rajeev has always wanted a daughter, so I’m giving you all my daughter, Ishita. If you wish, you can take my kids. We need to run some tests, “the doctor explains as he exits the room.

Alok receives a call from his officer claiming to have information about the burglars. Lakshita enters the medical facility. Rajeev tries to stop her, but she claims she is there for Amrita because they are friends. When Maa Sa arrives, she queries who informed you that she was ill. Gopal begs Gauri to wake up while sobbing for her.

Gauri begins to awaken and mutters something about the loot. Gopal chuckles and quips, “I became so scared, but we have everything. ” Gauri claims that I’m good. She is urged to relax by Gopal. They hear a knock on the door.

They all duck for cover. Some thugs are talking about Gopal and Gauri as the doctor enters the door.