Spy Bahu 19th Sep Written Update β€” Shalini’s spirit haunts Mahira

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Mahira is unaware that Shalini is playing a role as she experiences frightening visions of the ghost of Shalini following her around. In addition, Sejal and Yohan explain to Shalini how they were able to protect her from Mahira and Veera’s malicious intentions. Will the three friends’ scheme be successful?


Learn the written update for the revolutionary installment of the interesting TV drama Spy Bahu ventilated on Monday, 19th September 2022. Shalini’s spirit haunts Mahira is the tag of the most modern episode number E134.


Veera tells Yohan in the beginning of the episode that she misses Aarti a lot and that he is just like her. She describes all the negative things that have occurred in their house, and Yohan remembers how they are all connected to Veera, from Shalini’s death to Farid’s passing to Drishti becoming ill. He maintains his composure as Veera explains how he is sacrificing and sticking with risky Sejal for the sake of his child. Yohan tells Veera not to worry too much since everyone will pay for their wrongdoings.

Ahana says she feels good after a while after taking a peaceful shower. She is astonished when she steps outdoors to see the lights off and the chair moving despite the window being closed and the fan being turned off. Suddenly, she is covered in blood. She yells in amazement when she notices that Shalini will return to exact her vengeance, as it is engraved on the mirror.

She also notices Shalini’s ghost and rushes out of the room to shout out that everyone is terrified. The mirror is already spotless by the time Nandas arrives in her room. Ahana claims she can’t remember the contents of the vengeance message and that she has forgotten what it said. Ahana is advised to get enough rest by Veera since she is under stress.

Ahana remains frightened. The lights go out as Yohan and Sejal enter their room. Yohan assures her not to worry and promises to check. There, Shalini’s ghost may be seen.

Shalini was then shown to have never died and to have been rescued by Yohan and Sejal. Yohan claims that if they had left a bit later the day before, she would now really be a ghost. It is shown how they forced Shalini to wear a bulletproof jacket with a bag of liquid connected to it that, when she was shot, looked like blood. Shalini questioned how Arbaaz and Veera could think she had died.

According to Sejal, Shalini had water combined with a medication that slows heartbeat, which is why Arbaaz was unable to locate Shalini’s pulse when he examined it. Tanhaji afterwards assisted Yohan in removing Shalini and replacing it with a doll at the incineration site. If Ahana doesn’t reveal the truth, Yohan warns that everything will be useless. Sejal claims she will for sure, since anybody may be fooled by fear.

Yohan promises to leave Shalini alone in her room. Shalini enters the space to discover Krish there and hurriedly hides. He says he misses Shalini a lot and presents her with a picture frame with her favourite flowers. Later, Shalini considers how much Krish really appreciates her and refers to him as her best brother-in-law.

Shalini glances outdoors in the morning when everyone is eating breakfast. She behaves like a spirit when Ahana notices her. Shalini is not there when Ahana summons everyone because she is afraid. Ahana is reprimanded by Veera and told to concentrate on their most recent task and refrain from acting foolishly.

Yohan and Sejal engage in a lively discussion. Ahana is imprisoned in the basement with Shalini’s soul as the episode comes to a close.