Udaariyaan 14th Sep Written Update β€” Fateh-Tejo get a new cycle

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Even when Fateh and Tejo buy Naaz a brand new bicycle for her to ride alongside Nehmat, she begins to feel resentful as she sees Fateh and Tejo lavish their affection on Nehmat. Will she be able to maintain her confidence in them despite this?


Get the written update for the most recently published installment of the gripping serial Udaariyaan broadcasted on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Fateh-Tejo get a new cycle is the designation of the funky episode number E477.


The first thing that happens in this episode is Fateh and Tejo purchasing a new cycle for Naaz. Naaz is concerned that her mother will chastise her if she discovers that she requested a bicycle as a gift for Tejo and Fateh. As a result, Naaz is hesitant to accept the gift. According to what Fateh has said, she didn’t bother to question them; they already knew. Tejo reports that they made the observation that she appreciated Naaz’s cycle.

She claims that her aunt will have little trouble obtaining everything she wants. Naaz is of the opinion that it is a clever ruse. Naaz claims that she is unable to ride a bicycle since she was never taught. She is educated by Fateh. Tejo is concerned that Nehmat would be insulted if she learns that Naaz’s cycle is superior to the one she has built.

Tejo receives reassurance from Fateh that Nehmat won’t get agitated. While they are in school, Naaz tells Nehmat that her parents bought a new bicycle for her and that it is superior to the one she has. Nehmat is overjoyed that Naaz was able to purchase a bicycle. They come to the conclusion that they will ride their bicycles together the next day. Mallika feels betrayed by Nehmat because of this, so she storms out and refuses to communicate with him.

The latter offers Naaz an apology before abandoning their intention to go riding. She pursues Mallika in an effort to persuade her. Nehmat is going to be picked up by Fateh. He feels sorry for Naaz. He inquires as to what took place and where Nehmat is now located.

According to Naaz, Nehmat is now having fun with her closest buddy, Mallika. Fateh extends an invitation to play to Naaz, requesting that she also bring Nehmat. Her answer is no. She claims that Mallika gets upset whenever Nehmat engages in playful interaction with her. She makes the request to Fateh to retrieve his cycle because she is concerned that Nehmat would get upset with her as a result of the cycle, and she cannot afford to lose their relationship.

She has said that Nehmat is very significant to her. She sobs while repeating whatever it was that Mallika had spoken about her. Naaz receives solace from Fateh. Naaz is about to be picked up by Rupy. After giving Fateh a wave goodbye, Naaz walks away.

Sandhus and her husband are having a disagreement about whether or not Nehmat and Naaz should also be considered Sandhus’ heirs. Her husband claims that Jasmine handed Nehmat over to Tejo and Fateh’s care six years ago, and that they adopted her as their own daughter. However, up until this point, no one has brought up the fact that Nehmat is really Jasmine’s kid and not Tejo’s. When Nazz finds out that Jasmine’s mother is also her own mother, she is astounded. She is under the impression that Jasmine brought Nehmat to a large home while she remained at the home of her wicked grandma.

She examines the bicycle that Fateh and Tejo bestowed on her with rage. She flees from the location. Fateh and Tejo had a conversation about Naaz’s unhealthy level of anxiety and insecurity. According to Fateh, they need to take action in order to stop her from going down the wrong road in an effort to win the affection and attention of other people. He suggests that they should help her overcome her insecurities and give her more confidence in herself.

Tejo proposes that they take Nehmat in and love her as much as they love Nehmat so that she may overcome her anxiety and act like a typical little kid. Fateh suggests that they could even be able to take in Naaz. Tejo thinks that it’s a fantastic concept all around. They make the decision to inquire about Nehmat’s viewpoint by speaking with her. Naaz is sobbing as she sits in her room right now.

She inquires as to the rationale for her mother’s decision to abandon Nehmat in a large home inhabited by kind people while she remained with her cruel grandmother and abusive father. In another place, Jasmine is chatting about the photograph that Naaz took. Naaz receives an apology from her for the fact that she has abandoned her. She claims that she has given her daughter up to the care of excellent people in order to ensure that she does not make any errors in her life. Tejo and Fateh make their way to Nehmat’s quarters.

They see that Nehmat is wearing two head protectors. According to what Nehmat has said, there would be one for her and another one for Naaz. She describes how Mallika fought once again for her to be allowed to play with Naaz. She tells Tejo and Fateh that she would want to meet up with Naaz the next day so that the three of them can play together. She goes out and looks for a knee pad for Naaz so that she won’t damage herself in the event that she falls.

Fateh had indicated that they would communicate with Nehmat the next day. According to Tejo, Nehmat responded to them by expressing her concern for Nehmat. Fateh is concerned that Nehmat may follow in Tejo’s footsteps and forego her own pleasure in order to make others happy. He continues by stating that he does not want anybody, not even Naaz, to stand in the way of Nehmat’s happiness. Tejo gives him the assurance that no one will stand in the way of her pleasure and then reminds him that Nehmat is a boxer, so he should know that she won’t let anybody stand in the way of her joy.

Tejo, Fateh, and Nehmat are introduced to Satti and Naaz. Nehmat enthusiastically embraces Naaz. She makes her put on the helmet that she brought with her for her protection. Both Fateh and Tejo have noticed that Naaz is visibly upset. Tejo confronts Naaz with a question about what had occurred and then attempts to cheer her up by tickling her tummy.

Fateh is under the impression that Mallika’s statements anger Naaz. He explains to her that Nehmat came with assistance for her, but they did not instruct her to go and receive it. He forces her to sit on the stationary bike. The two riders’ names are Nehmat and Naaz. Tejo confronts Satti with the question, “Is Naaz inquiring about Jasmine?

” Satti reports that Naaz is inquiring for her mother once every five minutes, but she is relieved to know that Fateh and Tejo are there to look after Naaz in her stead. She is concerned that Shelly may say something that would make Naaz feel worse. Satti’s concerns are assuaged by Tejo assuring her that everything would turn out well and pleading with her to hand over responsibility for Naaz to them. Satti gives Tejo instructions to get Naaz back to their house before she goes for some urgent business. When Nehmat mentions that her parents take her to the park on a daily basis and that they also take her to the mall, Naaz’s feelings of jealousy are roused.

Later on, when Naaz sees Fateh-Tejo and Nehmat having ice cream and Fateh-Tejo being extra kind to her, her feelings of envy intensify. Tejo invites Naaz to come along with them. The ice cream falls from Naaz’s hand. Fateh goes out to get a new kind of ice cream. To get out of there, Naaz uses the excuse that she has to look for her clip band.

She moves the cycle of Nehmat. In the meantime, Fateh expresses his satisfaction to Nehmat by telling her that he is pleased to see that she is concerned about Naaz. Nehmat assures Fateh that he will look out for Naaz at all times. At this point, Naaz shatters Nehmat’s cycle with a stone in an angry rage.