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When Naaz reads the letter, she discovers the truth about her mother’s decision to leave them and immediately starts crying. After some time has passed, Tejo comes upon the little girl in her broken condition and makes a solemn vow to never leave her side. Will Naaz’s confidence in Tejo be restored as a result of this?


Get to know the written update for the original chapter of the stirring telecast Udaariyaan brought on Monday, 19th September 2022. Tejo promises Naaz is the pseudonym of the popular episode number E479.


Fateh and Tejo begin the episode by dancing with everyone. Randhawa, Aykam’s father, is threatened by three thugs. He adds, “I’m not afraid of anybody. ” He enters the celebration to see his wife.

He responds, “I’m a cop; such things happen; we’ll leave; where are the kids? ” She claims they had just recently begun to appreciate the party. Naaz remembers Jasmin and thinks it would have been nice to have you here. Jasmin, she imagines, is dancing with everyone.

Naaz beams. Jasmin vanishes. Naaz takes a look around. Nehmat notices her and instructs her to smile.

She claims her parents also have a surprise for you, so come and dance. They dance. Fateh embraces them. The goon spots a vehicle and says, “Go, fail the brakes; it’s Randhawa’s car.

This should be his final day. ” The other goon does the task. The thugs flee from there. Gurpreet inquires of Khushbeer, “Did you request that they adorn the car?

” Yes, he says. The whole crew decorates the same automobile. Fateh and Tejo dance Pyaar Hua ikraar Hua. .

. Nehmat captures their dance. Everyone applauds them. Naaz invites Nehmat to join them in their vehicle, where they will view a video.

Tejo requests that Nehmat accompany him. She claims that we must inform you of something. Nehmat requests that Naaz videotape the video. Tejo says we want to express our gratitude for the wonderful gift of life.

Fateh says yes, we adore you. Tejo says yeah, we adore you. I adore you, too, Nehmat. She hugs everyone.

Biji says she’s embracing as if we’ll never meet again. Nehmat adds, “All I want to do is embrace you all. ” She walks away. Tejo and Nehmat’s kaleerain and dupatta get entangled.

Tejo takes off Nehmat’s dupatta. Tejo says you’re his number one gal, and we adore you. Naaz becomes agitated. Tejo invites Naaz to join him.

She embraces Naaz and Nehmat. Fateh motions for them to go. Tejo says we’ll be there as well. The girls leave.

Everyone is seated in the automobile. Fateh says I’ll pay and come over. Abhiraj suggests we start dancing. They are all dancing.

Rupy claims Khushbeer did not arrive till today. Fateh, Tejo, and their family laugh and converse on the journey. They have arrived. Khushbeer examines the brakes.

He becomes concerned. He informs Fateh that the brakes have failed. Everyone is taken aback. Rupy claims that we arrived, but Khushbeer did not.

Lovely requests that Satti go buy an aarti platter for Grahpravesh. Fateh instructs Khushbeer to shift into first gear and let off of the clutch; else, the automobile would halt. Khushbeer replies no, it’s not going to happen. Fateh instructs him to strike a tree.

He instructs everyone to hold their breath. Tejo warns him to be cautious. Khushbeer notices a vehicle approaching and twists the wheel. The automobile is involved in an accident.

Udaariyaan…plays… Satti notices the Diya flickering and hurries to grab it. The diya has been turned off. She is concerned and wonders what is going on. Fateh, Tejo, and their children are seen wounded.

Fateh attempts to exit the automobile. He notices Tejo laying in the distance. Tejo looks to find Fateh slithering towards her. They both attempt to hold hands.

Tere naal. . . sings.

. . They sob. He claims that even after death, he will remember your name.

She promises that we shall live and die together. He claims that even death may tear us apart. He kisses him. Their moments are captured.

They both pass away. Satti knocks over the aarti platter. Rupy misplaces his phone. Everyone is taken aback.

They are all in tears. Naaz and Nehmat weep and cuddle. Naaz adds, “I’m sorry; now we have to look after each other; promise me that we will always be together. ” Nehmat and Aykam are spotted jogging into a field after 16 years.

Nehmat dances with the females. Aykam inquires, “How much will you make me run, stop? ” He takes her hand in his and tugs her. He embraces her.

They both collapse. He brushes her hair away from her face. When they see one other, they both grin. He claims you can sprint, but I will catch up with you.

She claims you tricked me. He introduces himself as Soni and introduces himself as Mahiwal. She requests that he offer some excellent discourse. She displays the keys to the vehicle.

He requests that she paused. She bolts. He pursues her. Udaariyaan…plays….

Don’t make me run any farther, he says. She inquires as to why. He claims that I was concerned that someone else might arrive before me. She then agrees to drive your new Jeep.

He claims it’s a secondhand. She says we’ll go in this Jeep, you’ll receive a police jeep when your training is through, and then this vehicle will be mine, we have less time, and our new inning in life will begin soon. He claims that his father opposes our love story. She wonders whether our marriage will ever happen and what happened to him.

He claims he has no idea why he feels troubled or is opposed to our love story. Randhawa is seen remembering the statements of the thugs and the vehicle crash. Nehmat suggests that you speak with your father. Aykam claims he was against my police academy training, which I had to undergo; thus he won’t speak to me.

Randhawa feels responsible for Virk’s family’s death. He claims that my children’s lives would be devastated if this secret is out.