Udaariyaan 20th Sep Written Update β€” The end of Fateh-Tejo

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When every member of the Virk family is killed in a tragic tragedy at the same time, Fateh and Tejo’s heritage comes to an end. After a further sixteen years, Nehmat has grown into a beautiful young lady and is madly in love with the handsome Ekam. What twists of luck does the future have in store for the pair?


Let us explore the written update for the fresh sequence of the fine TV series Udaariyaan introduced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. The end of Fateh-Tejo is the pseudonym of the present day’s episode number E480.


The first line of the episode consists of Ekam telling Nehmat that she is wise like her mother Tejo, who always has a solution to every problem. Nehmat is of the same opinion; nevertheless, she asserts that she is not as tolerant as her mother. They leave in the vehicle they were driving. On the other side, Harman is sitting quietly and meditating.

Naaz will then mimic him while seated in front of him. She tells him that she put his medications there and then invites him to join the meal that is taking place below. She heads down to the basement. When Harman looks across at Naaz with a grin, he comments that Naaz is looking out for everyone’s best interests, even Tejo.

Naaz is getting set to start school at the university. She informs Satti that she will be late since she has a few specialised lessons to attend. She tells Nehmat that she should put her studies first and that in order to maintain her family’s respect, she must also work hard. Naaz is roused by Rupy, who then hands her some spending money.

Naaz refuses to accept it and instead requests that it be given to Nehmat. Rupy claims that Naaz already has her pocket money in her possession. He gives her the money against her will. In addition to that, Satti offers her money.

Naaz departs. Naaz looks at the money in her pocket money. She keeps the words of wisdom from her mother in mind. Naaz claims that she discovered the strategy that enables her to receive what she wants without directly requesting it when she was a child.

After receiving a call from someone, she exits the room. During this time, Satti and Rupy are having a conversation about Naaz and Nehmat. Naaz is set to have a conversation with a male. However, Naaz is prevented from continuing by Ekam’s mother.

She describes the celebration that Ekam threw when he finished his training. She offers Naaz to drive her to college and drop her off there. After giving the guy her signature, Naaz departs with Ekam’s mother. While they are driving, Ekam’s mother compliments Naaz and expresses her frustration that Ekam spends all of his time either practising his craft or hanging out with Nehmat.

Nehmat and Ekam have finally arrived at the police training camp. Ekam is persuaded by Nehmat to have a conversation with his father in order to discover the reason for his opposition to Ekam’s desire to become a police officer, despite the fact that Ekam’s father is himself a police officer. Nehmat is given Mallika’s phone number when she calls. Mallika has indicated that she is interested in discussing Naaz.

Nehmat goes to see Mallika. When Ekam gets back to his house, he asks his servant and discovers that his mother isn’t there to greet him. He muses on the possibility of talking to his father. He then proceeds to go to his room.

He discovers his father passed out and asleep in a state of intoxication. He tucks his father in and goes to bed. He inquires of his father what transpired after the event that led to his suspension and subsequent transformation into an alcoholic. Randhawa claims that his loss is not due to the ban he received but rather to some other factor.

He requests that Ekam discontinue his training as a police officer if he really loves for him. Ekam makes a solemn oath to himself that he would one day join the police force, investigate what caused him to transform, and refrain from getting married in the meanwhile. Mallika demonstrates to Nehmat the professor’s inappropriate behaviour toward Naaz when they were together in the classroom. Nehmat steps in and issues a warning to the lecturer.

She transports Naaz from that location. Naaz gets into an argument with Nehmat about how Nehmat is ruining her particular lessons. She claims that she is not as intelligent as Nehmat and that is why she has to take more lessons in order to improve her grades. She continues by saying that the professor’s only purpose was to instruct her.

After that, she gets into an argument with Mallika over how she incited Nehmat to act against her. Nehmat tells Naaz that this particular kind of professor is dishonest and takes advantage of his pupils. Suddenly, she gets a message from Ekam, and she decides to go meet up with him. Ekam’s memories of his father’s remarks have made him angry.

Nehmat brings him an ice cream to try and cheer him up when he reaches there. She reassures him that if he continues to make the effort, his father would eventually talk to him. Despite the fact that they have been together for 16 years, Ekam claims that Nehmat is unable to recover from the shock of the unexpected loss of her parents and share her suffering with him. Nehmat denies it.

Ekam claims that he wants to work for the police in order to uncover the facts behind the car accident that killed Nehmat’s parents and the suspension of his own father. Nehmat’s feelings start to show. Nehmat receives a bear embrace from Ekam, who tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy.