Udaariyaan 22nd Sep Written Update β€” Naaz makes up her mind

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In spite of the fact that she was invited to a friend’s birthday celebration, Nehmat chooses to accompany Ekam instead. When Naaz discovers that she has not been invited to the party, she becomes agitated and makes the decision that she would go whatever of the consequences. How does she intend to accomplish her goal?


Let’s experience the written update for the another scene of the sweet television broadcast Udaariyaan brought on Thursday, 22nd September 2022. Naaz makes up her mind is the name of the fresh episode number E482.


The episode begins with Aykam training Nehmat to dance. Is it important for her to know how to dance? He claims that dancing isn’t important, but that coming in arms is. Then we’ll dance, she continues, but don’t forget to keep your feet moving. He cradles her in his arms.

They have a relationship. ‘Udaariyaan’ plays. According to Naaz, this haircut will look great on you. Aykam’s mother expresses gratitude. She says she’ll phone you when she has to go to the party and asks what you’re wearing to Ronnie’s party.

Naaz says I’m not going since Ronnie’s buddy group is different and everyone will have a good time. The woman invites her to accompany Nehmat and Mallika. Naaz replies no, and they’re bringing someone with them. Mallika doesn’t want to take me; exams are coming up, I need to study, leave it be, I’m OK. The woman says, “Wait a minute, let me think.

” Naaz returns to Jasmin’s comments and adds, “One quiet, hundred happiness. ” Mallika displays her gown and shoes. Nehmat tells her to get dressed quickly, and Aykam says he’ll meet them at the venue. Mallika cracks a joke. Shelly reports that Nehmat’s dress has arrived.

Mallika is getting ready. Naaz walks inside the room. Mallika’s remarks come to mind. She shatters the heel and flees. Nehmat compliments Mallika.

Mallika adds, “I’ll wear this and display it, and everyone will stare at me. ” She gets up and collapses. She examines the shattered heel. She inquires as to what happened to this, which she purchased today. Naaz prepares himself.

Shelly inquires why you aren’t getting ready with Nehmat and Mallika. Naaz believes you can create the perfect hairdo. Naaz remembers Aykam’s mother inviting her to the party and spending time with Aykam, Nehmat, and Mallika. Naaz believes they are unaware of my presence. We’ll swap it tomorrow, according to Nehmat.

Mallika inquires as to what I want to wear now. Nehmat hands over her heels. Mallika claims that it does not match. She sobs. According to Nehmat, no one will notice heels.

Mallika says she doesn’t want to seem foolish. Naaz appears and inquires whether you are both prepared. Nehmat beams. They inquire as to your destination. Ronnie’s celebration, according to Naaz.

Mallika inquires as to who invited you. Naaz claims your mother talked with Ronnie’s mother; therefore, I’m going. Mallika says I’m not going. Nehmat responds, “You know I’m not going if you’re not going. ” Aykam is waiting for Nehmat.

He dials her number. Naaz arrives. Aykam meets her and inquires about Nehmat’s whereabouts. Mallika’s shoes, she adds, make her worry they won’t arrive. He remarks that it is odd that she is not responding.

She asks if you want to come with me; I felt strange going alone. He claims Nehmat is on his way. She said that she would not attend. He claims she’ll come if she promises, and I’ll stake my life on it. She replies alright.

I’ll wait here. He replies, “Fine. ” They sit and wait. She claims it is late, but Nehmat would have come if she had to. He claims she’ll arrive, and I believe him and my love.

When he sees Nehmat approaching, he grins. He requests that Naaz look. He cradles Nehmat in his arms. Naaz observes. He claims, “I told you she’d arrive.

” He kisses Nehmat and walks away with her. They all walk up to Ronnie and wish her well. You’re late, according to Ronnie. Mallika, according to Aykam, deserves all credit. Mallika expresses gratitude that she has arrived.

Nehmat claims to be sporting a pair of mismatched sandals. Naaz also wishes Ronnie. He encourages her to have fun. Naaz’s pals arrive. Varun, according to Naaz’s acquaintance, is quite wealthy.

She walks out to buy some beverages. Naaz notices Varun. The girl bumps into Aykam and flirts with him. He adds, “That’s my girl. I’m sorry; she’s waiting.

” She sees Nehmat and apologizes. He laughs. Mallika claims he was flirting with her. Nehmat said he would not find someone like me. He claims she makes you envious.

Aykam and Nehmat perform shayari. Mallika describes you as “cheesy. ” He claims that we are passionately in love. Nehmat claims that we love and trust each other and are not envious of one another. I can’t entirely agree, according to Naaz.

Mallika wonders how this is possible, so we’ll conduct a jealousy test. Fine, say Nehmat and Aykam. Mallika replies, “Pretend you’re both single, and we’ll see who gets more phone numbers. ” Done, they say. Mallika claims that whoever has the most numbers would win.

Nehmat wonders what the winner will get. According to Aykam, the winner may force the loser to do anything. They leave. Mallika thinks I should wait and see what they do. Mallika is asked whether she has a boyfriend by Naaz.

Mallika declines, stating that she has a class. Randhawa is asked not to drink by Aykam’s mother. She discusses Mallika and Gautam’s friendship. He claims Mallika is just 21 years old, so why are you in such a hurry? She claims she is not required to pursue a job but to ensure that her children marry into decent households.

He consumes alcohol. She claims you dislike Mallika. He says he’ll ask Aykam if he’s interested. He will become a police officer in one month, according to her. He claims Nehmat and Aykam are in love.

She answers sure, they’ve known one other since they were children. Nehmat comes from a nice family, else, I wouldn’t have accepted them, and Rupy has reared her with affection. Mallika thinks it’s a tie since you both received four digits. Naaz inquires whether you are not envious. No, Nehmat, I know Aykam is mine.

Yes, Aykam replies, we were designed for each other. Naaz asks, “Who is the winner? ” Mallika claims Aykam and Nehmat are childhood friends, but she doesn’t know who proposed first. They grin as they remember their childhood.