Woh To Hai Albela 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update — Saroj Gets Excited

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Enjoy the written update for the most recent installment of the enticing show Woh To Hai Albela delivered on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. Saroj Gets Excited is the pseudonym of the present day’s episode number S1 E130.


The Sharma home is visited by a wedding planner and a cosmetic artist, both of whom were brought to it by Saroj. During the process of preparing plans for Rashmi and Nakul’s engagement, she shows a lot of excitement.


Nakul promised Sayuri in the beginning of the episode that he would take excellent care of Rashmi. He claims that their lives would be similar to theirs. Why do they like them when they are capable of living their own lives? asks Sayuri.

She claims that after getting married, she would treat her more like a sister-in-law than a sibling. She claims she would make her do labour. Kanha arrives and joins their conversation. Everybody prepares for life after marriage.

When Saroj hears it, she fears that things won’t turn out the way she had hoped. She promises to see to it that Rashmi acts more like a sister-in-law than a sister. She lets her go in jest. Kanha predicts that Nakul will receive a call from Rashmi as he leaves.

He mocks him. After he departs, Kanha and Sayuri make plans for the future and vow to always be open with one another. Kanha grabs Sayuri as she turns to leave and invites her to dance. They dance together as a pair.

When Nakul arrived at Sharma’s house, Kanha and Sayuri were there to talk about getting engaged. He surprises everyone by arriving there with Saroj. She claims she wants to participate in the wedding planning. Saroj invites the best jewelers, makeup artists, and costume designers.

She invites her to select everything she wants, claiming to have the finest of the city at her disposal. She claims that the only way she can fulfil her aspirations is through Nakul, since she isn’t fortunate enough to see her sons’ lavish weddings. She proposes that you reserve a pricey wedding venue and publish the stories in the newspaper. She also wants to continue living after the wedding.

Everyone was concerned about the cost as Saroj tried on Rashmi’s jewellery. Kanha believes that she is making excessive spending plans without fully understanding their financial status. He believes they can pay for the wedding but not much more since they are unsure of when their company will recover. As they would choose and call them, Saroj orders the jeweller to depart after having Rashmi try on the jewellery.

Sayuri informs Saroj that she has something to say once they go. Saroj believes that she anticipated it. Sayuri claims that she is pleased with herself for accepting Rashmi with such a big heart. She proposes splitting the costs in half with the least amount of money spent.

Saroj claims to have her own aspirations, but she never has any expectations for them. Sayuri claims that this is wrong since they must contribute to the cost even if they are unable to pay as much. Saroj puts on a dramatic play, declares that she is wrong regardless of what she does, and then storms off indignantly. When Indrani becomes agitated, others manage to calm her down.

When Rashmi calls Saroj, he does a sincere deed in her presence.