Woh To Hai Albela 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rashmi Misunderstands Sayuri

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the new chapter of the diverting TV series Woh To Hai Albela provided on Monday, 5th September 2022. Rashmi Misunderstands Sayuri is the tag of the just released episode number S1 E131.


Saroj instigates a conflict between Rashmi and Sayuri and succeeds in persuading Rashmi that Sayuri is envious of the latter. After some time has passed, Rashmi accuses Sayuri of being a disruptive guest at her wedding.


Sayuri tries to reassure Indrani at the start of the episode that they will make sure the wedding takes place. Rashmi is inflamed in her thoughts by Saroj, who motivates her against Sayuri. Sayuri claims that they had previously made the decision to have a straightforward wedding. Saroj claims that she never thought of Balwant’s assistance as a favour.

She removes Sayuri out of the picture by convincing her that she is the one acting jealously toward her. Saroj grins as Rashmi begins to contemplate. When Saroj arrived, Dhanraj and Dadaji were talking about business. She puts on a show for them, pretending that she injured Indrani accidentally.

After giving Sayuri a scathing glare, Rashmi went inside. She behaved so inappropriately, according to Saroj, because she just wanted to see her aspirations come true. Dadaji and Dhanraj felt horrible as she went inside. Saroj hides, hears them, and believes that she has lost many things, which she will gradually begin to recover from her husband and boys, one at a time.

Rashmi worries that Sayuri is jeopardising her marriage because of her personal problems with Saroj after recalling Saroj’s remarks. Rashmi’s glance in her direction causes Sayuri to get anxious as well. Sayuri is visited by Kanha, who informs her that he managed to conceive Saroj and advises her to have a grandchild born for her. When Rashmi subtly expresses her dissatisfaction with Sayuri, Indrani and Nani approach her to persuade her.

She claims that since she was a youngster, she has always had to make compromises and wear Sayuri’s old outfits. She claims that since they couldn’t afford the books, she wasn’t even given the chance to study the stream of her choosing instead of enrolling in Sayuri’s stream. She claims that she paid for the children’s tutoring when Sayuri went to Jon to assume domestic duties. She claims that, given the circumstances, she took all that was handed to her.

She claims that this is the first time she has received something without having to work for it and questions why they would ruin it with their ego. Sayuri queries whose ego she is referring to. Saroj tries to get Kanha to become pregnant, but Saroj just picks on Sayuri. She agrees that the wedding will be small in size and that the engagement will be held in a haveli with only the two families.

Kanha thinks it’s better, and Saroj makes fun of his wife by asking whether she’s happier now. Sayuri asks Rashmi what caused her to weep, and Rashmi responds that it was her ego. Kanha invites Kusum for tea when she arrives. She mocks him.

She discovers Saroj preparing a garland to thank God for the impending marriage. Kusum was unable to decipher the words’ underlying meaning. Sayuri is confronted fiercely by Rashmi, who accuses her of being the root of all the issues. Rashmi accuses Sayuri of being unable to manage her delight, while Kusum questions Saroj’s motivations.

Why would she interrupt when everything was going so well? she asks. She was ordered to halt by Indrani, but she ignored her.