Woh To Hai Albela 6th September 2022 Written Update — Sayuri Is Heartbroken

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Get the written update for the most recently published episode of the thrilling serial Woh To Hai Albela propagated on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Sayuri Is Heartbroken is the moniker of the newly discovered episode number S1 E132.


Woh To Hai Albela 6 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E132
Title: Sayuri Is Heartbroken
Description Rashmi chastises Sayuri for acting in a self-centered manner with regard to her marital choices. Later on, Krishna offers consolation to an upset Sayuri.


The first scene of the show comprises Saroj discovering that Sayuri has gone missing and concluding that her strategy was successful. Sayuri implores Rashmi to place her faith in her and attempts to educate Rashmi on respecting oneself. Rashmi maintains it is not a matter of self-respect but rather of her ego. Sayuri has feelings of annoyance, and both Indrani and Nani found some of her words offensive. She acknowledges she has always paid attention to what the other person has to say, but she requests that her choices about marriage not be constrained.

She asks her why she can’t be happy with her marriage and tells her to put aside her concerns about maintaining her self-respect. They perplexed Kanha about why Sayuri hadn’t arrived back home yet. Kanha responds that it has been so long that he is only now thinking about it. Kusum laughs at him. Saroj acknowledges it has been a very long time, and she is relieved to believe that her strategy was successful.

Sayuri begs Rashmi to believe that she is trustworthy. Despite the fact that their budget is limited, she claims she can guarantee that her wedding will be spectacular, and Rashmi continues to accuse her of doing things her way. She requests she refrain from interfering with her choices about her marriage, and Sayuri promises she will not do so. Rashmi walks away while claiming that it is for the best. Sayuri and her family had stunned expressions on their faces.

Sayuri, who is upset, receives consolation from Indrani. She comforts her mother as she sobs and asks Indrani if there is something wrong with her, but she responds that there isn’t. She sobs while holding her in her arms. Sayuri heads to her room without glancing back at anybody, which causes everyone to treat her as if she were acting strangely. He promises he will check it out himself.

He approaches her and inquires whether anything has transpired. Sayuri reminds him that Kanha took the picture by showing him a snapshot of her and Rashmi together. Sayuri questions how things could have changed so drastically while Kanha was thinking about how Rashmi was clinging to her. She claims Rashmi asked her to stay out of the choices that she and Nakul were making together. She breaks down in his arms as she remembers how Rashmi was reliant on her for even the tiniest thing, and how suddenly she wanted to eliminate her from her life.

Nakul overheard their conversation and is now curious about Rashmi’s whereabouts. Nakul confronted Rashmi, and in response, she inquired whether Sayuri had shared any information with her. Even though he claims Sayuri didn’t say anything, he heard her talking with Kanha. He inquires about what transpired with her and wonders how she could have expected Sayuri’s actions. Rashmi claims it is something that has been percolating in her head for a very long time and that it will eventually emerge.

According to him, it emerged from an inappropriate location. Rashmi inquires as to whether or not they were talking about their engagement, but they decided against seeking their input since they didn’t believe it was essential. She inquires as to whether or not he feels guilty about it, and Nakul assures her that he does not. He claims that he has faith that whatever decision his brother and sister-in-law choose for him will turn out to be the best one for him. He makes an effort to explain it to her.

Sayuri, on the other hand, is comforted by Kanha’s love, and the two of them spend some private time together.