Woh To Hai Albela 14th Sep Written Update β€” Sayuri’s Terrifying Nightmare

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Rashmi’s behaviour alters once she visits the Choudhary estate, which is something that is seen by her family, the Sharmas. Sayuri thereafter had a terrifying dream at midnight. Will it really happen?


Get to read the written update for the most recent episode of the satisfying television broadcast Woh To Hai Albela propagated on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Sayuri’s Terrifying Nightmare is the designation of the brand-new episode number S1 E139.


The first thing that happens in this episode is that Kanha brings Sayuri some tea and cookies. Sayuri comforts herself by lying on his shoulder as he gives her a pep talk. Sayuri is under the impression that she has something really exciting in store for him. Kusum cautions Saroj that whatever gifts she bestows on her daughter-in-law would be mirrored in the behaviour of her own daughter. She implores her to avoid making a distinction between the two sisters.

Saroj claims that she has evolved, to which Kusum responds that she has come to terms with the reality of the situation and has urged Saroj to follow suit. She states that she has the option to accept or reject Sayuri, but she requests that her sister not be separated from her. Saroj claims that she does not understand since she is there to rule over them, and one by one she has distanced everyone, including herself, from her. Saroj herself is one of the people she has divided. She promises that in the same way that she stole her family away from her, she will also keep her from seeing her sister.

While Kusum walks away feeling defeated, Saroj makes a solemn oath to kick Sayuri out of the home. Rashmi vents her frustrations to Indrani and Nani over Sayuri. She claims that she does not recognise the authority of her in-laws’ mother. They assert that Sayuri would never act in such a way and hence do not trust her. Rashmi claims that Sayuri’s behaviour toward Saroj began to shift shortly after she became involved in the company.

Indrani rejects her remarks and asserts that Saroj most certainly would have spoken ill of Sayuri, which is what caused her to respond in the manner that she did. She tells Sayuri that she wouldn’t be pleased if she took over the firm, and this is meant to drive Sayuri into debating against her. Rashmi is not prepared to hear anything negative about Saroj, so she politely requests them not to speak negatively about her before leaving the room. They are mystified as to what Saroj did to cause Rashmi to act in such a manner. Sayuri had a nightmare in which she begged Rashmi to listen to her, but Rashmi ignored her and was hostile toward her.

Sayuri woke up crying. Sayuri overhears Saroj telling her that she would gradually distance herself from everyone, even Kanha. Sayuri has a startling awakening, and her first thought is to pray to God to keep Kanha and her family connected to her life. Sayuri is displeased the next morning. Recount what happened in the dream when Kanha gets there.

When Sayuri asks him whether he recalls anything that she taught him, he laughs with her that he would accompany her to college. Kanha reassures her that he is aware of it even when he is sleeping and requests that she not be concerned. Sayuri steps outside and waits for a letter to arrive. Just before to her departure, she retrieves the letter and hands it over to Kanha. Kanha then proceeds to read it aloud and explains that it is a competition for vloggers in Delhi, and that he has been nominated for it.

Sayuri is showered with accolades, but Saroj is fuming. Sayuri has lightheadedness, but she is able to keep herself together and follow Kanha outside. Saroj approaches Nakul with the proposition of taking part in the company so that in the future, his wife would not question him. Sayuri is warned by Saroj, who is also trying to influence his thinking, not to put complete faith in anybody.