Woh To Hai Albela 15th Sep Written Update β€” Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

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Sayuri, Krishna, Nakul and Rashmi participate in creating Lord Ganesh’s idol. In the evening, both the Sharmas and the Choudharys throw elaborate parties in honour of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Check the written update for the just-released episode of the grand television broadcast Woh To Hai Albela aired on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations is the tag of the most modern episode number S1 E140.


At the beginning of the episode, Kanha expresses gratitude to Sayuri. Sayuri believes that the one who makes everyone’s wishes come true should also make his or her own dreams come true. Kanha admits that he is unsure about the subject that he should use, but Sayuri encourages him to do some research on the matter. She gets out of the vehicle and begins walking when, all of a sudden, she begins to feel lightheaded. Saroj tells Nakul that it is not inappropriate for him to trust his brother and sister-in-law, but Saroj also encourages Nakul to find a means to generate money on his own as well.

He claims that after they are married, Rashmi would not want to rely on his brother’s income and would instead prefer that her spouse make money and spend it on him and himself. She encourages him to consider it while she thinks about it herself while Nakul is thinking about it. When Saroj passes out, her coworkers are there to assist her. They offer to phone Kanha, but Sayuri implores them not to do so, explaining that he is in the middle of an important meeting. She has made the decision to see a doctor on her own if it becomes necessary.

When Saroj arrives, Dhanraj will answer any calls that come in. She exclaims with joy that Kusum was able to secure a beneficial partnership. She mentions that there is another thing, which is that they have their own company, and that might assist them with their business. She also notes that there is another thing, which is that they have their own business. When Saroj asks Dhanraj whether he’s thinking that Kusum is her stepdaughter and thus exploiting her to obtain business for his personal profit, Dhanraj gives her an odd look and shakes her head.

Dhanraj is adamant and claims that he is without comment on the matter, stating that he is aware of how much compassion she has for Kusum and that he is unmoved by it. When Nakul and Rashmi arrived, Kanha and Sayuri were in the process of constructing the idol. Kanha invites them to participate in the creation of the idol as well. When Kanha discovers that Sayuri sustained a wound as a result of her fainting, he calls for everyone to join him and Sayuri. On the other hand, she lied and said that a door struck her.

While Saroj works on the decorations, Indrani and Grandma stop over to check on her progress. After having waited outside to allow the idol to dry, Saroj welcomes everyone inside and says hello to them. Saroj offers a suggestion to Rashmi that she should create the Mukund with her hand, but Dhanraj argues that she is the one who always makes the Mukund, and that Sayuri should be the one to make it this time. Rashmi is likewise of the opinion that Sayuri needs to make it since Kanha would feel guilty if she does not. Kanha tells her that he will be honest with her if he ever has a concern about anything, and then he requests that she do the Mukund.

A romance between Sayuri and Kanha Pooja has just begun, and everyone is becoming romantic, but Sayuri is starting to feel dizzy once again. Sayuri and Kanha collaborate on the preparation of a modak in the hopes of bringing pleasure to their relationship. It gets through to Saroj. Guess inquires about Saroj’s daughter-in-law, and Saroj reveals Rashmi to be both her daughter-in-law and the one who would be in charge of the household duties. Guests not only express their gratitude to her but also compliment Sayuri.

They implore her to entrust Sayuri with the task, but Saroj explains that Sayuri works outside the home and does not have the time to take care of the house.