Woh To Hai Albela 19th Sep Written Update β€” A Big Responsibility for Sayuri

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Saroj holds Sayuri and Krishna responsible for making Kusum’s life miserable since they prevented her from being married. After some time has passed, Sayuri is entrusted with leading an important business meeting.


Check the written update for the modern section of the consuming TV broadcast Woh To Hai Albela aired on Monday, 19th September 2022. A Big Responsibility for Sayuri is the caption of the trend-setting episode number S1 E143.


Rashmi begins the episode by inquiring as to what the visitors said to Saroj. According to Saroj, there is no chance that they can maintain their partnership. Saroj claims that his lack of confidence in her decision is an insult to her. She wonders if she would have made every decision at once.

She claims that the bride’s parents met first, then the groom. She asserts that they may never know the groom’s innermost sentiments since it’s possible he might want his bride to be with him rather than his parents. She charges them with using events to become the hero and heroine. Sayuri claims that Saroj accused her of instigating Kusum’s desire to learn and that Kusum wanted to study.

Kusum declares her desire to pursue education. Kusum responds that she just wants to study and get married when Saroj inquires as to why she would suddenly want to learn. She begs Kusum to believe in her and consent to the marriage. She uses Kusum as a bargaining chip.

Saroj was appealing in front of the visitors, but they ignored him, according to Indrani’s grandma. She is concerned about what is going on there. Kusum accepts any decision Saroj makes. Kusum is urged by Kanha not to make decisions hastily.

Nothing is more important to Kusum than her mother’s request, so she declines and walks away. Dhanraj departs after being angry with Saroj’s trickery. When Saroj pleads with Sayuri not to turn her daughter against her like her son, Sayuri is set to depart. When Sayuri informs Kanha that she is making her first challenge against Kusum, Kanha and Sayuri enter their room.

Sayuri recalled telling Saroj that by tormenting her, she was disrespecting Saraswati Maa. She claims that Kusum had spent her whole life listening to her and that this was the first time she had tried to do anything that Kusum wouldn’t have approved of. She claims that if she wanted to, she would absolutely make Kusum study. Kanha assures her that what she did was good and begs her not to worry.

He claims that the next day, he had to go to Delhi for a vlog competition. Saroj asks God to help Kusum form a strong coalition. Dhanraj arrives, joyfully proclaiming some wonderful news. When Kanha and Sayuri join them, he summons everyone.

He claims that their firm has been invited to a meeting with a significant world deal, and if it works out, they will see a significant market rebound. He claims that Kanha has been invited to a meeting with the owner’s son that is set for the following day. While Nakul lacks the expertise to participate in such a large conference, Kanha chooses to forego the vlog competition. Dhanraj recommended Sayuri attend the meeting after much turmoil. Sayuri is not confident enough, and so is Saroj.