Woh To Hai Albela 20th Sep Written Update β€” KriSa’s New Journey

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While Dhanraj makes sure that Krishna is present at the competition for vloggers, Sayuri is in charge of an important business meeting. Will Krishna and Sayuri be able to carve out a successful path for themselves?


Let us explore the written update for the up-to-the-minute installment of the fine telecast Woh To Hai Albela aired on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. KriSa’s New Journey is the pseudonym of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E144.


At the beginning of the episode, Kanha makes an invitation to Sayuri to attend a meeting. Sayuri does not have full confidence in it, but Kanha is able to win her over. He suggests that she discuss the matter with Dhanraj and her grandfather in order to get some suggestions. When everyone hears Nakul’s promise that he would accompany Sayuri to the conference in his capacity as her assistant, they all feel relieved and content. Saroj suggested that it might be done online, but Kanha responded that he would not have time for it and that it was not practicable.

Everyone is in agreement that Sayuri would do very well in it when he displays his confidence in her. Saroj looks on anxiously. Rashmi inquires as to whether or not Nakul will be accompanying them as a business partner, but Nakul responds in the negative. He claims that he is helping Sayuri in some way. Nakul urges him to establish his own identity, but Rashmi urges him not to advise him in this manner.

He tells her that he knows she doesn’t intend any harm, but that the way she expresses herself can give the impression that she does, and he warns her against continuing in this manner. He tells his brother and sister-in-law that his name is Lakshman before leaving the house. Rashmi receives some prasad from Saroj when he arrives there. She claims that Sayuri is considered Sita Maiya by Nakul, but that Nakul is unsure if he feels the same way about Sayuri. Both Indrani and Sayuri’s grandmother could not contain their excitement over Sayuri’s upcoming encounter.

They have high hopes for its accomplishment and have decided to do a pooja the following day in her honour. Rashmi is startled when she hears it and, mentally, she knocks over the glass. They think that her behaviour is strange. Sayuri is preparing for the meeting and also seeing to Kanha’s personal belongings at the same time. Kanha makes fun of her and claims that she would miss having him around.

Sayuri becomes frustrated as she thinks back to the moment when she departed for Delhi. They disagree on who would miss the other person more if they were apart. They begin their passionate relationship. Sayuri wakes Kanha up the next morning, and Kanha, believing her to be attractive, immediately begins taking shots of her. They both prepare themselves and then come down.

Saroj asks Saroj for her blessing, and Saroj bestows it on him with all of her heart. The next thing that Sayuri does is collect her blessings, and she merely hopes that their company loves them. Rashmi realises that Nakul is acting as Sayuri’s helper as he departs, and she even helps him unlock the vehicle door. Both Kanha and Sayuri got into their own automobiles and started driving off to begin their expedition.