Woh To Hai Albela 21st Sep Written Update β€” Krishna to Achieve Victory

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When Sayuri is negotiating a vital business agreement with some new customers, Nakul is there to provide a helping hand. In other news, Krishna is continuing to maintain her concentration on the vloggers competition.


Let us explore the written update for the modern chapter of the pleasing TV broadcast Woh To Hai Albela telecasted on Wednesday, 21st September 2022. Krishna to Achieve Victory is the tag of the current episode number S1 E145.


At the beginning of the episode, Sayuri is anxious about the next meeting, and she wants to verify the specifics one. Nakul warns her not to examine her phone while the vehicle is going. Sayuri is perplexed as to why she has been experiencing lightheadedness for the last three days. She had made up her mind to see the doctor very soon.

Kanchan pays Saroj a visit and confronts her about the insults she levelled on Gayatri’s family. She claims that the other person is an old acquaintance of hers, which is why she revealed the other person Gayatri’s alliance; nonetheless, the other people attacked them. According to Saroj, Kanha displayed a response when the bridegroom’s relatives shared a few embarrassing details. She recommends setting up a meeting between Kusum and the groom so that everything may go smoothly after that.

Kanchan assures her that everything should go well this time around and that she will make the necessary arrangements. Kanha continues his trek. While praising their business, the customers request Nakul to join them. They were under the impression that he was going to run the meeting.

Nakul expresses his gratitude but clarifies that they have made an error in their assumption that he would preside over the gathering. They are taken aback at seeing Sayuri, and she acknowledges the shock they are feeling by stating that she can sympathise with it. She claims that males are dominant in a field that is mostly occupied by women, yet no one considers this strange. On the other hand, when women join a field that is mostly occupied by males, things may become a little strange.

The customers disagree and greet her warmly, stating that it is not at all like that. Sayuri delivers her presentation, and the clients compliment it by stating that it is distinctive. When Sayuri phones Kanha, Kanha believes that the meeting should already be over since it’s been so long. Sayuri asks Kanha how he knew without her expressing anything, and Kanha congratulates her on the achievement.

Kanha, he has an opinion about how efficient she is. Sayuri claims that at first everyone was so quiet that she and Nakul were terrified, but that they afterwards commended her original concept and complimented her on being so creative. Kanha is perplexed as to how they plan to achieve their goal in such a short amount of time. Sayuri predicts that it would take place in the same manner as it did in the Sayuri masala.

Sayuri offers the suggestion that she hire people who were in genuine need of the work and then finish the task at a later time. Kanha thinks it’s cool, and he even got some ideas for his video blog contest from it. He requests that she look at the vlog and tell him what she finds. Sayuri and Nakul arrive back to their house, where they are greeted by their family and friends with joy and happiness.

Sayuri is given the credit for Nakul’s achievement, which causes Rashmi to get furious. Sayuri accepts everyone’s well wishes and thanks Nakul for praising Dhanraj on his decision to hire her for the firm. They take images of each other as well as one of Sayuri by herself. Rashmi overhears Saroj telling her that Nakul would put in all of the work, but Sayuri will get all of the glory.

She claims that many years ago she proved Dhanraj’s innocence and that Nakul is exactly the same as him. Kanga is now working on his thank-you speech, but he quickly reprimands himself for not having the video ready to go. Sayuri contacts Kanha and encourages him over the phone.