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Get the written update for the original installment of the sweet show Woh To Hai Albelaa aired on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on Star Bharat. Sayuri Feels Conflicted is the designation of the newly discovered episode number S1 E128.


Sayuri has feelings of exclusion as a result of Saroj’s willingness to welcome Rashmi but refusal to accept her as a member of the family. Saroj extends an invitation to the Sharmas to finalise the engagement between Nakul and Rashmi.


As the episode opens, Sayuri finds Kanha stressed about work. He tells her about business-related problems and seniors who are keeping them quiet. Sayuri claims that, given the circumstances, they would have considered hiding it from them. Kanha comprehends her as well.

The woman carrying a Shagun plate invites Rashmi and her family to Kusum’s house. She claims that her mother made the decision for Nakul and Rashmi to get engaged today. They get shocked and are unable to communicate. They would have thought about their studies, Kusum claims, and she wants them to hold all of the talk at home.

Before departing, she brings Sayuri’s favourite teddy bear along with her. They are forced to believe everything, Indrani tells Nani, and Nani concurs. As soon as Saroj arrives, Sayuri and Kanha begin to argue. As she prepares to leave after seeing their enjoyment, Kanha queries what the problem is.

Kanha is ecstatic when Saroj mentions organising Nakul and Rashmi’s wedding. When he asks whether Nakul is aware of it, she responds that she is not yet. He heads out to let her know. Sayuri is shown their favourite teddy by Kusum when she gets there.

While Kusum is getting ready, Sayuri is also pleased to see it. Sayuri is unable to discern what Saroj is really feeling as he teases Teddy. Nakul is astonished and anxious when he learns about his engagement to Kanha. He claims that they are just studying, but Kanha persuades him otherwise.

Nakul questions how he can marry before Kusum since she is also next in line. Kanha begs him to get dressed and suggests that they may be able to make things work out. Excitedly, Nakul concurs. Sayuri assists Saroj in the kitchen, and Saroj doesn’t object.

She wants to prepare Rashmi’s favourite meal for her family. Saroj declines Kusum’s offer to cook Sayuri’s favourite meal as well and walks away. Sayuri responds that she is OK when Kusum begs her to stop feeling awful. She begins making preparations since she is looking forward to her relatives visiting the home.

Rashmi is forced to wear a saree by Indrani even though she finds it unpleasant. She is instructed by Nani to get dressed in her comfy clothing rather than change for Saroj. Rashmi questions how they could be discouraging when she wants to get along well with Saroj. She claims she doesn’t desire a connection with Saroj as Sayuri does.

She is instructed to dress however she pleases. Indrani emerges and makes a call to Kanha. She complains about Rashmi’s immature behaviour and urges him to watch out for her if she makes any blunders. Kanha tells her not to worry, claiming that everyone learns things from life.

Indrani is confident. Sayuri’s favourite candy is brought to her by Kanha, who forces her to eat it. Any incident that occurred in the kitchen, according to Sayuri, was seen by Kanha. Although Sayuri claims not to be envious, she does express her pain at Saroj’s treatment of her. She was reassured by Kanha that everything would be well.