Woh To Hai Albelaa 9th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rashmi, Nakul’s Engagement

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Get to read the written update for the modern chapter of the fantasy television broadcast Woh To Hai Albelaa reported on Friday, 9th September 2022. Rashmi, Nakul’s Engagement is the designation of the original episode number S1 E135.


Woh To Hai Albelaa 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E135
Title: Rashmi, Nakul’s Engagement
Summary At the engagement ceremony for Rashmi and Nakul, the Choudharys and the Sharmas having a great time shaking a leg and laughing it up. In addition to this, the rings are traded between the pair.


At the beginning of the episode, Saroj orders the servants to get moving on making the necessary preparations for the engagement. When Kanha and Sayuri arrived, they urged her to take some rest so that they could finish making the necessary preparations. Indrani is pleased that, in contrast to Sayuri’s engagement, this time everything is occurring with Saroj’s acceptance of their proposal. On the other hand, she confides in Nani that she is anxious about whether or not things would go well.

Nani admonishes her, telling her not to say anything negative, and then she silences her. When Kanha tries to don his shirt, his head gets caught in the collar. He seeks Sayuri’s assistance, and she assists him while making fun of him. Both of them are complimentary to one another.

Kusum teases Nakul for being a youngster. Sayuri protects him from the gaze of malevolent eyes. Saroj keeps an eye on everything. She blesses him and makes him wear a necklace around his neck.

When the Sharmas arrived at their house, Sayuri greeted them and complimented Rashmi at every turn. Dadaji asks Dhanraj whether he is able to see what he is seeing and then tells him that whatever is going on is most certainly not for the best. Rashmi is made fun of by Sayuri, and Kanha and Sayuri both dance throughout the engagement. Rashmi is taken out of the room abruptly by Saroj, who then dances with her.

Sayuri isn’t feeling well, and it’s obvious to everyone around her. Sayuri is surprised when Dhanraj invites her to dance with him. Saroj – Rashmi and Dhanraj – Sayuri danced. After that, everyone got up and danced together.

Because Saroj sees Rashmi and Sayuri spending time together, he becomes enraged. The priest instructs them to keep the ring on the platter while he performs the ceremony. While Indrani maintains their engagement ring on the plate, Saroj is responsible for keeping both Nakul and Rashmi’s rings on the plate. She claims that the engagement ring should be worn forever, thus the couple can’t choose anything simple for the band to go with it.

Dadaji asserts that they have the right to do so for their son-in-law, but Saroj would not accept this. Sayuri intervenes just as Indrani is ready to grab the ring and explains that the ring’s worth is not dependent on the sort of ring it is. She then advises that they have him wear both of the rings at the same time. They are all in agreement with it, and the engagement between Rashmi and Nakul will take place shortly.

Sayuri and Kanha provide heaps of suggestions to Rashmi and Nakul. Dhanraj believes that they are very fortunate to have Kanha and Sayuri. They take photographs of one another all the time. Saroj would explain that merely engagement occurred now and there’s more going to happen at wedding.