Woh To Hai Albelaa 12th September 2022 Written Update — A New Journey for Sayuri

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There is an argument that breaks out between Dhanraj and Saroj, while the Sharma family is overjoyed for Sayuri. Later on, while they are working together, Krishna asks Sayuri for assistance.


Let’s experience the written update for the ultra-modern episode of the exhilarating serial Woh To Hai Albelaa pronounced on Monday, 12th September 2022. A New Journey for Sayuri is the moniker of the most modern episode number S1 E137.


Saroj is upset at Sayuri when the episode opens because she ruined her plans. Sayuri considers herself fortunate to be in the company of such extraordinary guys. They treat both men and women equally, she claims. According to Kanha, men shouldn’t determine whether or not women should be treated equally since that is how things are by design.

Saroj asserts that women will never be on an equal footing with men and worries that Sayuri’s misfortune would harm their company. Saroj inquires when Dhanraj enters the area whether he is causing all of this hardship for her. Dhanraj claims that he acted morally. Sayuri is informed by Kanha that their responsibilities have grown and that they must put in more effort to succeed.

He is in accord with Sayuri. They ask God for cooperation and commercial success. According to Kanha, they have no choice except to do well right now. How did he discover Sayuri’s ability, Saroj wonders?

Despite being a professor, she claims to have little business knowledge. She queries what credentials she needs to take on the business. She is allegedly the business queen Balwant’s daughter, according to Dhanraj. He claims Sayuri ran their masala business alone and got it this far.

He claims they would have increased its size even more if they had the time and resources. Saroj makes fun of her, but Dhanraj retorts that no matter what, running a company is in Sayuri’s blood. She, according to Dhanraj, took everything from Balwant. According to Saroj, she obtained their son’s rights rather than taking anything from him.

It wasn’t theirs, according to Balwant. Kanha has named his whole life after Sayuri, he continues, and business had nothing to do with it. He requests that she accept his choice before leaving. Rashmi’s comment about Sayuri managing business makes Indrani pleased.

Indrani inquires about Saroj since she is unable to contain her joy. Rashmi claims she never congratulated nor said anything. Rashmi begs her to refer to him as Sayuri’s father-in-law and adds Sayuri is fortunate to have a father-in-law like him. Indrani claims she is correct.

She relates to Balwant’s image, saying that he always said ladies are just as capable of managing the home and company as guys. She claims that she will now oversee the home after handling the business he was handling up to this point. She is grateful. Everyone except for Saroj is thrilled to see Kanha and Sayuri working together.

Saroj wonders how much longer he should put up with her. She claims that she was tough to accept but that no one can persuade her that she is anything but poor luck. She claims that she is terrified for her company’s future and that she disapproves of the choice. Sayuri questions her effectiveness, but Kanha affirms that she is incredibly talented.

He makes her laugh and improves her mood. Sayuri urges him to pursue his interest as well. Kanha states that he would, but Sayuri cautions him not to sacrifice his love of business. According to her, there are many business people in the area, but only one is Albela, and that is him. Kanha agrees when she asks him to pledge. They both commit to be by the other.