A Happy Moment for Rudraksh β€” Yeh Hai Chahatein | 29 Aug

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Get the written update for the popular installment of the agreeable TV serial Yeh Hai Chahatein voiced on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. A Happy Moment for Rudraksh is the label of the trend-setting episode number S2 E671.


Armaan prevents Rudraksh from approaching Preesha. A battle breaks out between them, and Rudraksh shows his delight when Preesha stops Armaan from harming him.


Preesha pushes Rudra, resulting in a panic attack. Rudra is concerned about her. She collapses on his shoulder, unconscious. Rudra steps in, pushes Rudra away, and asks Rudra what he did with his Preesha.

Rudra claims Preesha as his and confesses Armaan’s truth to Preesha. Armaan yells that he jeopardized Preesha’s life by divulging the truth and that if anything happened to her, he would murder Rudra. Preesha is lifted and carried away by him. Rudra walks alongside him.

Armaan notices Preesha is fully asleep and tries to rouse her. Rudra questions why he lied to Preesha. Rudra is accused of murdering Preesha with Armaan. Rudra is shocked and tries to resurrect Preesha.

Preesha shakes Rudra awake from his trance. She asked why he was sobbing and called her name. He takes her hand and praises God that she is fine; he believes he should not put pressure on Preesha to resurrect her memories and should proceed with caution. He says he feels at ease seeing her well and wishes her happiness all the time.

Armaan enters and becomes envious upon seeing them. He presses Rudra, demanding that he not approach Preesha when he knows what happens to Preesha in his company. He grabs Rudra’s collar and yells at him for daring to touch Preesha. Rudra pulls him back and says that just because he is silent doesn’t mean he would put up with Armaan’s foolishness; he came here to meet Raj.

Vidyuth, Raj, and Pihu enter. Preesha interrupts Armaan and tells him that Rudra is correct in that he came for Raj and she came for Pihu. Armaan attempts to assault Rudra. Rudra hits him and declares that he will not be spared today.

Vidyuth stops him and pulls him out, stating that he is a chief visitor and that the principle is expecting him. Rudra walks away. Preesha has control of Amaan and walks alongside him. Armaan mumbles that he would not spare Rudra.

Preesha recalls Rudra emotionally caressing her and wonders why she didn’t feel horrible when he touched her. Pihu becomes apprehensive before her performance and tells Raj that he doesn’t want her to ruin his performance. He hugs and consoles her, telling her that she will sing well and that he will win the competition because of her. Rudra grins as he recalls his time with Preesha.

Vidyuth wonders why he is smiling instead of being upset. Rudra claims he touched Preesha and she did not panic; instead, she backed him up and stopped Armaan. Because Preesha’s subconscious memory knows she loves him, Vidyuth believes he should keep trying until Preesha recalls everything. Rudra promises to resurrect Preesha’s memories and return her home as soon as possible.

He directs Vidyuth to go check on Raj. Vidyuth walks into the green room and observes Raj and Pihu cuddling. He warns them. Kanchan enters next and serves Pihu and Raj green tea.

Someone alerts Raj and Pihu to the fact that their performance is in 5 minutes. Pihu sings brilliantly on stage, but Raj is unable to talk and begins to suffocate. Rudra goes to him with Vidyuth and summons the doctor. The doctor examines Raj and reports that he has lost his voice.